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Schneider Electric Motion is now Novanta IMS (Intelligent Motion Steppers). Novanta IMS offers the MDrive family of integrated stepper motor driver controller packages, standalone rotary motors and linear actuators. The company is a leader in innovative motion control solutions for stepper motors and electronic controls, and the world leader in integrated motor drives with the MDrive® product line.

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Lexium, Closed Loop, Pulse/Direction, NEMA 34 – 85mm, 3Stack

Lexium, Closed Loop, Programmable Motion Control, NEMA 23 – 57m, 2 Stack

Lexium, Closed Loop, Programmable Motion Control, NEMA 23 – 57m, 1 Stack

Lexium, Closed Loop, Pulse/Direction, NEMA 17 – 42mm, 3Stack

Lexium, Closed Loop, Pulse/Direction, NEMA 17 – 42mm, 1Stack

Lexium, Closed Loop, Pulse/Direction, NEMA 23 – 57mm, 3Stack

Lexium, Closed Loop, Pulse/Direction, NEMA 23 – 57mm, 1Stack

Intelligent Motion Systems Products

The MDrive product family integrates motor, driver, controller, internal encoder and closed-loop performance, all in one compact package. Units are programmable and networkable, satisfying the motion control requirements of many new and existing applications.

Liberty MDrive

Robust integrated motors that especially well suited for industrial applications with options such as sealing, industrial networks, and either an incremental or multi-turn absolute encoder. Liberty previously known as Lexium.

Liberty MDrive Linear

Built on the Liberty* MDrive platform with the addition of external linear mechanicals or an electric cylinder. Liberty previously known as Lexium.

MDrive Plus

Ultra compact integrated motors with the broadest range of configurations.

MDrive Linear Actuators

Built on the MDrive Plus platform with the addition of linear mechanicals.

Motion Drives & Controllers

Novanta IMS offers a complete family of motion drives and controller products. Panel and PCB-mount motion drivers and controllers deliver an easy to use and integrate compact motion control solutions for a wide range of applications.
Novanta IMS MForce


Compact, high-performance stepper motor drive system consisting of an MForce stepper motor drive and a 2-phase stepper motor. This flexible, open communication concept allows for integration into existing system environments.

Liberty Motion Module

Liberty* Motion Module

Ultra-compact drive and controller with development board options. Programmable motion controller with powerful H-bridge driver. Offers the small size and flexibility of a chipset, but with the power & features of Liberty MDrive integrated motors.

PCB Mounted Discrete Drives

PCB-mounted Discrete Drives

High performance, low-cost ultra-miniature driver solutions that use advanced technology to reduce size without sacrificing features. Small, easy to interface and use discrete modules are powerful enough to handle the most demanding applications.

Hybrid Rotary Stepper Motors

Hybrid stepper motors from IMS are available in rotary sizes NEMA 11 (28 mm) through 34 (85 mm), and linear actuator sizes NEMA 17 (42 mm) and 23 (57 mm). These extremely robust, long-life motors carry out precise step-by-step movements that are controlled by a stepper motor drive, such as MForce, to comprise a stepper motor drive system. Hybrid stepper motors can be operated at very high resolutions, depending on the stepper motor drive.

Stepper motors

1.8° 2-phase stepper motors available in NEMA sizes 11 (28 mm), 14 (36 mm), 17 (42 mm) 23 (57 mm) and 34 (85 mm).

Linear actuator stepper motors

Delivering long life, high accuracy and unsurpassed repeatability, all in a package that is extremely compact and affordable.


Simplifying Motion eBook

Learn how you can reduce the cost and time-to-market for your motion application. Read how you can simplify motion control with integrated motors.

Product Catalog

Download the catalog and learn more the MDrive® family of all-in-one integrated motors to naked motors, controllers and drivers.

Download IMS Datasheets

Product overviews with specifications and ordering information along with available options and accessories.

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