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Critical connectivity in automation is not just about having a fast connection; it is about making people’s lives better and more secure. Moxa’s connectivity technology helps to make your ideas real. We develop reliable network solutions that enable devices to connect, communicate, and collaborate with systems, processes, and people.

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MSI TEC is a Premier Moxa Distributor

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MSI TEC Awarded Moxa's Platinum Award for Global Sales Growth

Not only is MSI TEC the largest Moxa distributor in North America, but we also have the highest growth on the plant. We were awarded the prestigious 2023 Platinum Award for Global Sales Growth at Moxa’s Global Distribution Summit in Taiwan. And received the award for achieving the highest percentage growth of any Moxa distributor on the planet, with over $5M in sales. 

The award reflects our commitment to excellence, strong partnerships, and the ability to provide the best solutions and services to our customers. It also provides tangible evidence that we have a successful history of helping our customers achieve their goals and a track record of delivering exceptional results.

Reliable Networks. Sincere Service

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Industrial Networks

With Moxa, you can build secure network infrastructure without compromising production efficiency. Their large Ethernet product portfolio helps customers optimize their industrial network infrastructure to achieve operational efficiency, availability, and reliability in various industrial environments. More connectivity creates more productivity but also more cyberthreats.

Edge connectivity

With Moxa, connecting your serial devices is easier than you think. They provide easy-to-use solutions to make sure all kinds of serial devices can be connected to an Ethernet-based network or to the cloud. Enhanced security features and mass device management tools make the lives of engineers easy during system operation. We are ready to help you enable IIoT connectivity of the future – simply and easily.

industrial computers

Moxa provides industrial computers, panel computers and displays for tough environments. They offer an extensive range of industrial-grade, fanless computers built to operate reliably in extreme conditions, such as continuous exposure to high or low temperatures, humidity, vibration, and power surges. Moxa IPCs support modern software in a compact and rugged form factor designed for the industrial edge.

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Multi-band antenna that covers 700-2700/2400-2500/5150-5850 MHz frequencies. Screw-fastened mounting and full IP67 waterproofing are available.


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