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What is a SCARA Robot?​ A SCARA robot is a four-axis robot that is designed for high-speed, repetitive material handling applications like assembly, machining, pick and place, packaging, and inspection. They simulate the movements of the human arm but can perform tasks with unparalleled speed and precision. SCARA robots handle low payloads and offer a compact footprint. Because of their quickness and efficiency, they can increase productivity and lower costs, while improving the safety of employees. SCARA is an acronym for Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm.
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i4L scara robot

Omron i4L SCARA Robots

Omron’s i4L Series is a compact SCARA robot that offers strong performance, a flexible design that makes it simple to install and easy to use features that help maximize productivity.

  • Features high inertia and high duty ratings which are uncommon to lighter duty SCARA robots
  • Able to perform challenging processes with ease and without fear of unexpected faults.
  • Fast cycle times with high duty ratings ensure sustained throughput performance
  • Powerful servos motors handle payloads up to 5kg with ease
  • Programmed with Omron’s renowned “Automation Control Environment” software package (ACE), i4L users can enjoy a powerful yet easy to use suite of programming tools.
  • Max Payload: 5 kg
  • Reach range: 600mm (23.6″)
  • Number of Axis: 4
  • Mounting: Table, Wall

Omron Cobra Robots

Omron’s Cobra Series is a high-performance SCARA robot system for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screw driving, and other applications that require fast and precise automation. Cobra robots deliver performance unmatched in the industry with the included SmartController™ motion controller. Main features:

  • ACE software deploys your applications through a user-friendly interface
  • High-resolution, absolute encoders give you high accuracy, superior slow-speed following, and easy calibration
  • High-efficiency, low-inertia Harmonic Drives and a lightweight arm deliver maximum acceleration
  • 8 kHz servo update rate improves path following and control
  • Integrated 10/100 Base-T Ethernet TCP/IP to control the robot through a PC, PLC, or controller
  • Available options for cleanrooms and ESD to prevent static electricity during operation

Omron Cobra SCARA Robot Series:

Cobra 450

  • Payload range: Rated – 2.0 kg,  Maximum – 5 kg
  • Reach range: 450 mm (17.7”)
  • Number of Axis: 4

Cobra 500

  • Payload range: Rated – 2.0 kg,  Maximum – 5 kg
  • Reach range: 500 mm (19.7”)
  • Number of Axis: 4

Cobra 650

  • Payload range: Rated – 2.0 kg,  Maximum – 5 kg
  • Reach range: 650 mm ( 25.6”)
  • Number of Axis: 4

Omron eCobra Robots

Omron’s eCobra SCARA robots offer a compact system footprint, saving valuable floor space while minimizing installation costs and complexity. They deliver unmatched performance  and are ideal for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screw driving, and other applications that require fast and precise automation. Not only are Omron SCARA robots high-quality, but they are also the most durable robots at every performance level. Main features:
  • Amplifiers and controls are fully embedded into the robot to maximize valuable floor space and reduce installation costs (cables, control cabinets, labor, etc)
  • Three performance levels (Lite, Standard, and Pro) based on a common hardware platform.
  • Easily upgrade your robot to increase production throughput with a simple software upgrade
  • Direct PLC programming are included in Standard and Pro performance tiers which minimizes training
  • Adept ACE™ provides an effective way to deploy applications, without lengthy, overly-complicated programming

Omron eCobra SCARA Robot Series:

eCobra 600

  • Payload: Rated 2.0 kg / Max: 5.5 kg
  • Reach range: 600mm (23.6″)
  • Number of Axis: 4

eCobra 800

  • Payload: Rated 2.0 kg / Max 5.5 kg
  • Reach range: 800mm (23.6″)
  • Number of Axis: 4

eCobra 800

Large SCARA robot for precision machining, assembly, and material handling

  • Payload: Rated 2 Kg / Max 5.5 kg
  • Reach range: 800 mm
  • Number of Axis: 4
  • yaskawa motoman

    Motoman SCARA Robots

    High-Speed, Zero Footprint, Compact

    Ideal for high-speed small part processing, the 4-axis MYS-series robots offer fast, precise performance for a variety of applications including assembly, material handling, part transfer, pick and place, specimen processing and more.

    • Powerful and Cost-Effective Performance
    • High-speed robot performance in a compact form, requiring minimal mounting space.
    • Easy-to-integrate vision functionality reduces the cost of expensive tooling for locating parts.
    • Expand Automated Processes – Easily integrates with current robot applications.
    • Highly-Flexible Asset – MYS-series robots are easily re-deployable when production needs change.
    Denso LPH scara robot

    Denso 4-Axis robots

    DENSO offers three 4-Axis robots, the HS-A1, HSR, HM and XR Series, each with a different range of arm lengths and payload capacities. Options include Cleanroom (ISO 3), Dust- and mistproof (wrist IP65, unit IP54), Ceiling-mount and more. The HS-A1 Series is a compact, four-axis SCARA robots that offers the highest speed and repeatability in their class. The HSR Series uses advanced vibration control, a newly designed, highly rigid lightweight arm and improved heat dissipation in the base unit to achieve new levels of continuous high-speed performance and repeatability. The HM Series offers are small industrial robots, with outstanding speed and repeatability and a compact, space saving design. The HM Series can handle 20 kg payloads.


    • Small industrial robots have a compact, space-saving design
    • Quick acceleration
    • Runs continuously at high speed
    • Maximum allowable moment of inertia of 0.45 kgm2 is six times larger than that of conventional robots
    • Available in standard or dust and mistproof (IP65) configurations

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