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Automation & Motion Control

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Automation & Motion Control Products

Automation Controllers

Machine automation controllers are designed to speed up integration time, boost system flexibility & enhance overall performance. PLCS is a digital computer used for the automation of industrial processes.


Control components provide ideal control at production site through Counters, Cam Positioners, Timers, Timer Switches, Digital Temperature Controllers, and other input, control, and output components.

Motors & Drives

We offer a full spectrum of drive technology from Omron, Yaskawa, Galil, Oriental Motors and Apex Dynamics, with a wide product line that includes servo motors, stepper motors, AC drives, inverters, gearboxes and more.

Safety Components

Safety Components are required for safety countermeasures in equipment and facilities. They are used for shut-out detection of mechanical guards, checking intrusion into hazardous areas, and building safety circuits.

Vision Systems

Vision Sensors and machine vision systems analyze images to perform appearance inspections, character inspections, positioning, and defect inspections. Omron also offers PC vision systems, smart and industrial cameras.

With automation technology becoming more complex, you need an experienced partner like MSI TEC. If you have a production challenge, we can provide solutions that improve productivity, profitability and quality.

Experienced partner

We have played an integral role in the installation of thousands of machine automation applications. We bring that experience to every conversation we have and every project we complete.

improve production

From a complete automation system to a replacement automation component, we can help you improve quality and decrease downtime with cutting edge technology and consistent manufacturing processes. ​

elevate Quality & safety

If you need to improve your quality and safety, we will help you navigate the options and provide the right product or service to solve the issue.

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