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Ewon makes it easy to access your machines from anywhere, anytime, giving you valuable data, information and insight.
Ewon Flexy 205
Ewon cosy+ ethernet

Machine builders are looking for ways to provide better customer service while reducing costs. Ewon makes this possible by providing machine builders with easy, secure, and scalable remote connectivity to their equipment.

MSI TEC is an authorized HMS and Ewon distributor offering products


and solutions for Industrial Networking and remote access and monitoring. You can shop and get pricing on Ewon Cosy, Flexy, and more on our online store (and below). We also have in-house, USA-based network engineers ready to help you with Remote Access, Remote Data, Remote Management, Remote Networks and more.

About Ewon

Ewon is a product brand of HMS Networks, one of the leading independent manufacturers of products for industrial communication, including remote maintenance. HMS Industrial Networks enables valuable data and insights, allowing our customers to increase productivity and sustainability.

The New Ewon Cosy+ ETH

The Ewon Cosy+ is the latest evolution in remote access for the Industrial Internet of Things. This new industrial VPN gateway is designed to offer the most secure remote access across the internet, to machines and equipment at customers' sites or in the field.

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