Ewon Cosy+ ETH

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New! Ewon Cosy+ VPN gateway Ethernet WAN only, 4-ports RJ45 10/100Mb LAN


New! The Ewon Cosy+ is an industrial VPN gateway designed to offer secure remote access across the Internet, to machines and equipment at customers? sites or in the field.

  • Straightforward setup, to make any machine IIoT-ready in a matter of minutes.
  • Non-intrusive outbound connections, requiring no change on the existing network.
  • Reach your equipment in 2 clicks, wherever it is.
  • Start immediately with a free Talk2M account, supporting an unlimited number of devices and users. Connect from any device, with the free desktop, web and mobile apps.
  • Ready to use – 20+ data centers spread worldwide for coverage and maximal business continuity.
  • Global and reliable infrastructure, with an extensive Service Level Agreement.
  • Scalability: add at any time as many devices and users as you need.
  • Email & SMS relay services, to receive notifications from your machine.
WAN Ethernet up to 3 ports,10/100 Mb Ethernet.
LAN Ethernet up to 4 ports,10/100 Mb Ethernet.
Field interface Up to 10 USB 2.0 connections, female connector 2.0.
SD Card reader YES, for Cosy commissioning (firmware upgrade, backup, Talk2M registration).
Router IP filtering, IP forwarding, NAT, Port forwarding, Proxy, Routing table, DHCP client/server.
Internet Outbound connection for Talk2M through port TCP 443 (and optionally port UDP 1194).
VPN Tunneling OpenVPN either in SSL UDP or TCP.
Talk2M Talk2M Free+ or Talk2M Pro, natively supported.
VPN Security Communications between the remote user and the Ewon gateway are fully encrypted using the SSL/TLS protocol, thereby ensuring data authenticity, integrity & confidentiality. All users and Ewon units are authenticated using x509 SSL certificates and end-to-end traffic is encrypted using strong symmetric & asymmetric algorithms that are part of the SSL/TLS protocol cipher suite.
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3.90 × 1.69 × 3.15 in
Download Datasheet (PDF)