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Cartesian (Gantry) Robots

Ceiling mounted, flexible SCARA robots
Some robots don’t look like robots at all. Cartesian systems, or gantries, can come in a variety of configurations such as X-Y-Z or X-Y-Z-Theta. They are a good option where the work envelope is not conducive to the size and shape of a traditional SCARA robot. They are also capable of long reach and are pre-engineered so there are no custom engineering costs. Denso’s XR Series is a compact four-axis gantry robot that is a SCARA robot combined with a long-stroke Cartesian robot. Because of its ceiling mount and integrated design, Denso’s XR Series robots use up to 40 percent less factory floor space than a conventional SCARA robot. In addition, they can operate in many applications without the need of a conveyor, saving up to 20 percent in capital equipment costs. Main features:
  • Outstanding speed and repeatability
  • Ceiling mount saves space
  • Reduces equipment investment

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