OEM Custom Computing Services

Accelerate time to market. Reduce design efforts and costs.

Whether you are looking for a Single Board Computer, Box PC, Panel PC or an entirely custom solution, MSI TEC has the knowledge and experience necessary to take your idea from initial concept design to prototype to full production release. Our expertise includes system configuration and assembly, software and application development, OS development & customization. Watch the video to learn more about our networking and computing services.

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Leverage our talent, engineering centers, and expertise.

We understand the impact that delays in product development can have on your project’s bottom line.

As a value-add distributor, we have access to hardware and components from our manufacturing partners and can offer you the lowest prices.

Using our technical engineering centers for design, assembly, manufacturing, testing and field support lets you allocate your time and resources on innovation and product development

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Industry Knowledge

When you work with MSI TEC, no matter the size of your project or purchase, you'll work with experienced engineers who can help you with product selection, engineering, programming, installation, and product training.

Engineering Support

MSI TEC service and support is based in the USA. We have engineering and sales offices across the west who are available for product support, training and trouble-shooting.

Customer Centric

We are a solutions and service provider in the complete sense of the word. The driving force behind everything we do is to serve our customers and become a partner in your success.

Industrial Hardware

Rugged, industrial-grade components and hardware built for harsh environments and extreme temperatures. Guaranteed long life cycles.

OEM Services

Gold Imaging

Our convenient gold imaging services saves you valuable time. Once we’ve locked down a final configuration, we’ll take that computer image and replicate it - to one computer or thousands. When they arrive at your facility, they’re ready to use.

Stress Tests

We make sure your computers arrive fully functional. Every computer undergoes a 24-hour stress test, which runs every component in your computer at its highest capacity. This prevents failure and downtime, and results in faster time to production.

Long Lifecycles

We partner with hardware manufacturers that offer long life cycles, eliminating unplanned redesigns and re-certifications due to End of Life (EOL) and hardware revisions.

Rugged Hardware

Industrial-grade hardware with guaranteed long lifecycles. Built by certified technicians in ESD environment.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service delivers fast computing and system prototypes so that you can quickly begin evaluating & testing.

Private Labeling

We'll help your brand stand out with custom labels, face plates, serial-numbering schemes, documentation and inserts.


Comprehensive Services

Think of MSI TEC as an extension of your production department. Use our technical engineering centers for design, assembly, manufacturing, testing and field support. We understand how important it is for critical infrastructure facilities to keep running. That’s why we offer expert network design and rugged hardware with long life cycles.

While we handle your computing, networking and cellular needs, you’re free to focus on your core business and increasing the bottom line.


Clear Solutions

Turn to MSI TEC for end-to-end networking and computing solutions – from pre-configured managed switches to a completely built and tested network-in-a-box.

And because we are partnered with world class industrial hardware manufacturers, we have access to a wide selection of hardware and components. This means we have every size and configuration you’ll need – from motherboards to chassis and everything in between.

Engineering Services

Because we offer both Computing and Electro-Mechanical Technical Engineer Centers, we’re able to offer a broader range of engineering services. Your journey with MSI TEC could begin with the purchase of an Ethernet switch, which includes pre-sales and post-sales support from an MSI TEC network engineer. Your switch could then be configured in our Computing Technical Engineering Center. Next, it’s handed off to our Electromechanical Technical Engineering Center where our team adds it to a control panel, along with a controller and HMI. This is a level of service that most companies cannot offer.




Managed cellular provisioning
Client VPN Configuration

PLCs & Drives




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