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Intelligent Transportation

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Solutions for Intelligent Solutions

There is a high demand in Intelligent Transportation Systems to deliver data across limited bandwidth. This convergent data includes video cameras, signal controllers, dynamic messaging signs, and more. MSI TEC delivers a robust reliable communications infrastructure for TMCs (Traffic Management Centers) and data centers as well as flexible edge devices for intersections, roadways, and signs.

MSI TEC is your single source for Intelligent Transportation offering a complete line of ITS devices that includes Ethernet connectivity, I/O data acquisition, embedded computers, and HD surveillance products. We are the largest Moxa distributor in the U.S., as well as a leading partner with world-class manufacturers in ITS and industrial communications. We have extensive experience working with Municipal, County and State Departments of Transportation, traffic engineers, contractors and consultants. Our engineers possess deep knowledge in the deployment of ITS technologies and deliver end-to-end guidance and support on every project.

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Robust reliable communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Flexible edge devices for intersections, roadways, signs and Traffic Management Center.

Extreme outdoor conditions.

Obviously equipment at intersections and along roadways need to be able to withstand climate and severe weather conditions. Typically controller cabinets have no heating or cooling and can hit extremely high and low temperatures in different regions across the country. MSI Tec offers a full line of equipment which has a standard operating temperature of -40 to 174° F.

Reliable data delivery

It is a challenge to deliver reliable converged data where different data types are all delivered across the same network. Quality video streaming is often a priority, even though the same network may be transporting controller and sensor data as well. MSI’s products and expertise provides a robust and stable environment for reliable high quality video as well as other converged data.

Network monitoring

NMS (Network Monitoring Software) has become a necessary part of overall infrastructure. Moxa’s MXView provides a reliable platform which will email alerts and alarms, identify network changes, allow for mass configuration, and much more.

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MSI TEC is your single source for hardened Ethernet switches, routers, broadband radios and cellular modems for Intelligent Transportation Systems. We are the largest Moxa distributor in North America as well as a leading partner with world-class manufacturers of ruggedized communication hardware.

Featured ITS Products

Moxa EDS-G512E Ethernet Switch

12G-port (8 PoE+ ports option) full Gigabit managed Ethernet switch

moxa iex-402-series 2000px

Moxa IEX-402 Series Ethernet Extenders

Industrial managed VDSL2/SHDSL Ethernet extenders

moxa edr-810 secure router

Moxa EDR-810 Series Secure Routers

8+2G multiport industrial secure router with switch/firewall/NAT/VPN

moxa ethernet switch ics-G7852A

Moxa ICS-G7852A 10GB Core Switches

48G+4 10GbE-port Layer 3 full Gigabit modular managed Ethernet switches

moxa iex-402-series 2000px

Proxim MP-10100 Outdoor Wireless

High Speed Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Base Station, 866 Mbps, MIMO 2×2

Microhard Bullet CAT1 LTE Cellular Router

LTE connections, 10 Mbps, 10/100 Ethernet, RS232/485, low power


Moxa transportation brochure
ITS Network Solutions

Learn how Moxa’s Ethernet solutions facilitate real-time convergence of sensor data, voice, and video through various network interfaces.

Moxa wireless brochure
Wireless Application

Learn how Moxa's WiFi and cellular products boost productivity and flexibility in different industrial applications. Download brochure.

moxa ITS white paper
IEX Ethernet Extender Whitepaper

Learn how Moxa’s IEX series Ethernet extenders help simplify the long distance communication. Includes 4 case studies and 2 application notes

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