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Custom Robotics Solutions

Custom grippers and EOAT solutions designed for your exact requirements

Experienced & Creative Robotics and Automation Engineers

From our state-of-the-art Robotics Engineering Center, MSI TEC is able to develop robotics solutions that are customized for your unique application. Our  team of Robotics, Automation and Mechanical Engineers have deep experience and the technical creativity to design, build, and develop robotic automation solutions that make companies like yours more productive, safer, and profitable.

Our engineers can help with Robotic System Planning and Risk Assessment, as well as provide unbiased information, solutions, and product recommendations.

We have a depth of experience and talent to design tailored solutions, such as custom end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) and grippers and collaborative robot mobile bases. And we’ve also been chosen by the leaders in  robotics manufacturing, like Universal Robots, Motoman, Robotiq, Piab, Omron, and many more, to serve as their sales and support channel. 

We have expert knowledge of these products and are always available to provide pricing, product information, product selection, training and more.

Robotics Solutions from Robotics Experts

TM robot vision
  • Proof-of-Concept Testing
  • Programming
  • I/O and Software install support
  • Documentation
  • Flexible part feeding systems
  • Pedestals, Machine Bases and Platforms
  • Robotic Systems – Light Integration
  • Full Robotic Turnkey Solutions
  • Training and Start-Up assistance
  • End-Effector Design & Build
  • Integration of Sensing & Safety
  • Machine Vision

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