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The automotive industry’s requirements for automation are as varied as the individual production areas themselves.  But there are some common needs, such as:

      • High Quality Components.  Downtime in an automotive plant can easily cost thousands of dollars per minute.  It is critically important to use components that adhere to the highest quality standards.
      • IIOT.  Intelligent predictive maintenance can help identify what components need to be replaced before they fail.
      • Speed.  Reducing process cycle time is an obvious way to increase productivity.  But there are other factors as well, such as changeover time, or time to move between processes.
      • Lean Manufacturing.  Flexible automation eliminates waste and cuts costs.  New technologies such as collaborative robots are easy to teach and re-purpose.
      • Safety.  Keeping people safe is not only the right thing to do, but it increases uptime and reduces costs.  More and more automation components (servo drives, VFDs, robots) include integrated safety architecture.  Collaborative robots are inherently safe.
      • Standardization.   ISO-compliant pneumatic components are more commonly available worldwide.

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