IoT Embedded Networks for Industrial Environments

Organizations are extending their networks to people, devices, vehicles, and sensors. The extreme edge includes ground and armored vehicles, planes, unmanned aerial vehicles, rail cars, ships, oil rigs, sub-stations and mines, which have specialized requirements. Cisco has developed a range of routing and switching products that systems integrators can embed in solutions that require networking, communications, and security capabilities. Benefits of Cisco embedded solutions include

  • Field-proven routing and switching capabilities
  • Ruggedized hardware/software and software-only solutions for a broad range of form factors and harsh operating environments
  • Optimization for wireless and mobile environments
  • Wide range of performance and connectivity options
  • Support for remote voice communications
  • Familiar interface, minimizing training requirement
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MSI TEC is now a Cisco IoT Specialized Partner!

Embedded Solutions:

Cisco Embedded Service 2020 Series Switches

Extend switching capabilities to your mobile networks and other embedded networks that operate in extreme environments.

Cisco Catalyst ESS9300 Embedded Series Switch

Embedded small-form-factor that solves size, weight, and power challenges. Feature-rich IOS-XE based platform with High-bandwidth.

Cisco ESR6300 Embedded Series Router

Latest embedded routers for industrial IoT offering compact hardware that solves size, weight, and power challenges.

5915 Embedded Services Router
5915 Embedded Services Router

Compact hardware router that extends IP network routing and services to mobile and stationary nodes. Air and conduction-cooled models.

5921 Embedded Services Router

Secure, robust software-based router application designed to operate on small, low-power, Linux-based handheld and mobile devices.

cisco ess 3300
Cisco Embedded Service 3300 Series Switches

Embedded small-form-factor module that has low power consumption and is sensitive to size, weight, and power with high-bandwidth switching.

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