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Renewable Energy

Improve productivity, efficiency & safety.

Whether it’s a solar field or wind farm reliable real time data acquisition is absolutely a must. Conditions are often harsh and require extended operating temperature and resistance to the environment. Some of those typical challenges and requirements are:

  • The need for remote monitoring. Data acquisition and delivery is critical to most companies and agencies. The ability to provide real time accurate data to customers is a competitive advantage for many of our customers.
  • Extreme outdoor conditions. Obviously most substations and field stations need to be able to withstand climate and severe weather conditions. MSI Tec offers a full line of equipment which has a standard operating temperature of -40 to 174° F.
  • Reliable security and surveillance. These days not only is network security a concern, but also physical security in remote isolated areas. MSI can provide the products and expertise to provide a secure and stable network as well as a reliable industrial monitoring and video surveillance solutions.
  • Real time network monitoring and notifications. NMS (Network Monitoring Software) has become a necessary part of overall infrastructure. Moxa’s MXView provides a reliable platform which will email alerts and alarms, identify network changes, allow for mass configuration, and much more.

MSI Tec provides a full line of products that meet these conditions. Whether it be hardened Ethernet switches and routers, RACs (Remote Access Controllers), data acquisition software, or video surveillance solutions, MSI Tec can help.


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