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Collaborative Robots

Affordable Automation

Manufacturers of every size are turning to collaborative robot arms to increase productivity and profitability – and to solve the labor shortage issue. Cobots free your employees from dull, dirty and dangerous jobs and add to a safer work environment.

Collaborative Robot Experts

MSI TEC is an authorized robotics distributor for Omron (including the TM Cobot Series), Yaskawa Motoman, Denso, Asyril, Robotiq, OnRobot, Toyo, Piab, and more.

Not sure if collaborative robots are right for your company? Need help selecting a robot model or brand or a custom end-of-arm-tool? That's our area of expertise. Leverage our engineering talent, partner relationships, Technical Engineering Centers, and expertise, to find the perfect solution.

We're happy to discuss your application needs and provide product information, pricing, model and brand recommendations, and even financing. Contact an MSI TEC engineer and let's explore what's possible with collaborative robots.

We work with customers from all industries and sizes, from small shops to large large manufacturing facilities, to find solutions to their manufacturing challenges and work with them to become more productive, profitable and competitive. Our team of robotics engineers can help you choose the right robot for your application, including grippers and end-of-arm-tools, controllers, safety components and more.


Meet the TM Cobot Series

The TM Cobot Series are safer, simpler to program, and easier to integrate with other equipment.

What makes TM robotic arms different is their Robot Vision. They are the only cobot on the market with a built-in vision system that allows them to sense their environment. By giving them cobots eyes to see, it creates a world of difference in how they can perform.

Interested in learning how collaborative robots can benefit your operation? We can help. Contact us to explore what’s possible.

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TM Series Brochure

Learn more! Download the Omron TM Series Collaborative Robot Brochure

Regular Payload Series

Medium-Heavy Payload Series

Omron TM5-700 robot


Omron TM5-900 robot


Omron TM14 robot


Omron TM12 robot


The TM Cobot Series is designed to work with both humans and machines

Versatile & Adaptable

Easily adaptable to a variety of applications like machine tending, loading & unloading, assembling, gluing, testing, and soldering.

Simple Programming

Ultra simple programming! Programming these robots requires no coding or pendant, giving users faster start-up times.

Patented Safety Settings

Unique patented “body region safety settings”. No need to understand complicated safety calculations to set up a safe application.

Seamless Integration

Guaranteed seamless integration with wide variety of peripherals, like grippers, LD mobile robots, controller hardware, etc.

Intelligent Vision

Built-In intelligent vision system for pattern recognition, object positioning and barcode identification.

Benefits of Cobot Automation

Did you know collaborative robots or cobots were specifically built to work alongside humans in a collaborative workspace and to perform routine or repetitive tasks, like placing products into boxes or polishing parts. And perform dirty or dangerous jobs, like sanding furniture or sorting trash for recycling.

The cost of a cobot is much less than the large industrial robot you see in automotive manufacturing. A collaborative robot is significantly less. As an example, the TM5 cobot from Omron starts at around $38,000 (and it’s the only cobot on the market with a built-in vision system). The actual cost will depend on your application, payload and reach requirements, and the end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) you’ll need.

Because cobots have a light frame, they use smaller components and motors, which costs less to build and keeps the price down. And because the actuators are smaller, it also means less power consumption.

Because of their affordability, businesses of any size can realize the benefits of automation.

Cobots are simple to program and require no previous experience. Even the most inexperienced user can quickly learn to program a cobot – in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Collaborative robots are safe. They can work right alongside human workers and are equipped with sensors that stop the robot’s movement when a person or obstacle enters their workspace.

TM Robot stacking boxes on pallet

Collaborative robots can be integrated into any industry and take on multiple tasks. They’re a breeze to move and don’t require changes in   production layouts.

Not sure if collaborative robots are right for your company? Or need help with application development or customizing an end-of-arm-tool?  Let our experienced robotic engineers help. We can provide product information, model and brand recommendations, pricing, and more.

Contact an MSI TEC engineer and explore what’s possible.


Cobot ROI Calculator

Download this free tool to help you calculate the payback period for collaborative robots and determine if cobots make sense for your business.

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