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Motors and Stages Precision Systems

Akribis designs and manufactures direct drive motors, stages and precision systems that are used in equipment for manufacturing, inspection and testing. They provide direct drive motors, stages, positioning systems and precision components for biomedical, semiconductor, printed circuit board, solar, flat panel, hard disk, LED, printing, and photonics manufacturing.

Direct Drive Rotary Motors

Akribis' AXD Series is their most popular rotary motor. It features a thin, compact “pancake” style design with high peak and continuous torque despite its relatively small motor form factor. When compared to competitors, the AXD clearly outshines.

AXD iron core rotary - cat pic

Single Axis Linear Motors

Single-axis linear motion stages with patented AUM Series ironless motors that provides high continuous and peak forces to deliver stable, precise linear motion for a variety of applications.

Ironless Linear Motors

Voice Coil Motors

The simplest type of electric motor, consisting of only a magnetic housing and coil. Its simple, customizable design comes with many advantages, including a high power to mass ratio, high acceleration, low to no hysteresis and zero cogging.

AVA voice coil motor

Multi-Axis Stages

Stacked stages provide positioning accuracy and repeatability for applications that require high-speed travel and accurate alignment in multiple directions. Two multi-axis stages are available: an x-y version of our popular DGL Series, and the TDS-XY — a compact, three-rail unit.

Akribis Linear Stage DGL 200 Series

Miniature Stages

Akribis Miniature stages meet positioning needs without sacrificing performance or flexibility. The AM Series employs direct drive technology which couples the load directly to the motor, providing fast response and settling times along with the precision and repeatability you expect from larger units.

Akribis Mini Stage Series AMR65D

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