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2 & 3 Finger Gripper | Hand-E Gripper | Wrist Camera

Robotiq manufactures flexible robot grippers, sensors and vision systems for collaborative robots with the purpose of making automation fast, easy and accessible to global manufacturers and small & medium enterprises without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Their Plug + Play components give manufacturers more control of their robotics projects, which improves productivity and quality. Robotiq’s products are well suited for machine tending and material handling applications. They are used on both traditional industrial robots, as well as collaborative robots.

You don’t need a background in robotics to use Robotiq Grippers. They’re easy to integrate and use. In fact, you can install your Robotiq gripper in just a few minutes with their Plug + Play gripping kits. Use them to accomplish a complete lineup of applications with a fast time-to-production.

2F-85 gripper

2-Finger 2F-85 & 2F-140 Grippers

• Plug + Play on collaborative robots

• Eliminate changeovers & reduce tooling costs

• Pick parts of different size and shapes

• Automate all your applications with one gripper

• Program your application in minutes

Robotiq 3 Finger gripper

3-Finger Adaptive Gripper

• Install and program in minutes on the Universal Robot arm

• 4 grip types

• Force, position and speed control for each finger

• Adapts to the object’s shape for a solid grip

robotiq hand-e gripper

Hand-E Adapative Gripper

• Install and program in minutes on the Universal Robot arm

• 4 grip types

• Force, position and speed control for each finger

• Adapts to the object’s shape for a solid grip

Robotiq Vacuum grippers

Vacuum Grippers

Robotiq Vacuum Grippers – the AirPick and EPick – are built for collaborate robots and easy to program and install. Designed for industrial needs, they can handle a wide range of applications and are ideal for picking up uneven and even pieces that are made from materials such as plastic, sheet metal, cardboard, and glass.

Robotiq EPick – Connects to the cobot wrist, requires no air supply and is easy to handle.

Robotiq AirPick – Provides powerful vacuum flow, compact design for cobots
and low noise.

Sensing and Vision
robotiq force copilot

Force Copilot

• Program complex tasks the easy way.

• Unlock force-sensitive applications.

• Increase robot-cell reliability and flexibility.

• Unleash your force torque sensor’s full potential.

• Master force control in no time.

robotiq finishing copilot

Finishing Copilot

• Save hours of programming

• Generate finishing trajectories in minutes

• Compensate for external tool wear

• Set an external tool center point

• Operate with any level of expertise


Force Torque Sensor FT 300-S

• New IP65 Rating

• Program complex tasks the easy way

• Unlock force-sensitive applications

• Increase robot-cell reliability and flexibility

Wrist Camera
robotiq wrist camera

The Robotiq Wrist Camera is designed to perform industrial applications with Universal Robots. Teach new parts and detect features quickly to ensure repeatable picking. You don’t need a background in robotics or vision systems to use the Wrist Camera. Use free UR+ programming software to install it on a Universal Robots arm in minutes.

  • Easiest vision hardware and software made for Universal Robots
  • Locate different parts in a structured or unstructured environments
  • Adapt quickly to workplane and task changeovers
  • Create a visual model based on the CAD file of any part
  • Barcode and 2D code reading
Application Kits
Robotiq CNC machine tending kit product image

CNC Machine Tending Kit

Robotiq provides its top components in an optimized kit for CNC machine tending applications.

  • Dual Hand-E grippers with an angled bracket (90°)
  • Fingertips starter kit, including a fingertip extender for larger parts
  • Machine Tending Copilot software, including Force Copilot and Contact Offset
  • Robotiq Wrist Camera (optional), including the new Visual Offset function
  • eLearning courses
Robotiq sanding tool 600px
Robotiq’s sanding kit is the only hardware and software all-in-one solution for collaborative robots. Includes Orbital Tool, Finishing Copilot, brackets and air control accessories.
  • Reduce programming time from hours to minutes
  • Automate sanding tasks the easy way
  • The only hardware and software sanding solution for Universal Robots
  • Increase quality and productivity
  • Reduce worker injuries

Robotiq is compatible with the leading

Robotiq grippers are compatible with Yaskawa Motoman robots.
Robotiq grippers are compatible with Omron TM collaborative robots.

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