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Industrial Servo Drives

Copley offers a comprehensive range of digital drives for brush, brushless and stepper motors. Their servo drives feature drives with connectors, EMI shielding, and PE grounding, which can withstand the varied range of industrial conditions.
Copley servo drive XEC-XPC

Servo & Stepper Panel Drives

Copley Controls delivers high-performance motion solutions to the semiconductor, life sciences, test systems, automated assembly, and COTS military.

Copley offers a comprehensive range of digital drives for brush, brushless and stepper motors. High power density panel-mount and PCB-mount packages deliver installation flexibility. A complete set of feedback options are provided. Both AC and DC powered versions are available.

Industrial servo drives are full featured drives with connectors, EMI shielding and PE grounding which can withstand the varied range of industrial conditions. Ruggedized versions of select servo drives are available for COTS military applications.

The Copley PLUS Advantage

PLUS drives support EtherCAT or CANopen and offer expanded feedback options. Metal enclosures ensure the highest level of noise immunity. Multi-axis versions deliver the lowest cost per node. PLUS drives feature high resolution A/D converters for optimal current control as well as fast, hardware-based position
capture and set point trigger output.

copley servo stepper drive

Copley Controls Products



XenusPLUS AC-powered drives are available in both EtherCAT and CANopen versions so that your drive can be seamlessly integrated into any PC-based system. Multi-axis models deliver optimal cost per node for an efficient, high-performance system. Choose from a wide range of absolute encoder interfaces that are already built in, including: EnDat, BiSS, Absolute A, and SSI. Users also benefit from the unique Safe Torque Off functionality, which reduces system cost in safety critical applications.


AccelnetPLUS sets a new standard for performance. This unique product is available in both EtherCAT and CANopen versions. Choose from EtherCAT and CANopen models. Both models offer optimal cost per node to deliver efficient and cost-effective operation. A wide range of absolute encoder interfaces are built in for unbeatable versatility, including: BiSS, SSi, Absolute A, and Endat. Higher-resolution current loops enable AccelnetPLUS to meet the needs of the most demanding applications, and Safe Torque Off functionality reduces system cost in safety critical applications.

Argus GPM

The Argus GPM sets new levels of performance, connectivity, and flexibility. It operates as a CAN node using the CANopen protocol of DSP-402 for motion control devices. Users will enjoy a range of supported modes, including: Profile Position-Velocity-Torque, Interpolated Position Mode (PVT), and Homing along with various supported encoders. Take advantage of both isolated and high-speed non-isolated I/O and enjoy the reliability of redundant power-stage inputs for safety critical applications.

M-Series Multiaxis

Easily drive both servo and stepper motors and experience a wide range of absolute encoder options.View less The M-Series PCB-mounted modules provide optimal flexibility and can be used to drive both servo and stepper motors. Both EtherCAT and CANopen versions are available to meet your needs. The 3-axis M3 and 4-axis M4 are extremely low cost per node, making them high-performance, cost-effective options. The M3 also incorporates a wide range of absolute encoder, including: BiSS, SSI, Absolute A, and EnDat for a truly versatile product. Finally, incremental encoder feedback comes standard.


Junus is a cost-effective solution for the control of brush motors that offers impressive performance. When operating in torque and velocity mode, Junus accepts both analog and PWM commands, making it the perfect choice for a variety of applications. Sensorless velocity feedback is derived from the motor back-EMF. All of these standard features have helped to make Junus a popular product.


The StepnetPLUS line of products was designed with the goal of achieving new levels of performance. Engineers successfully created an advanced and reliable product that is available in both EtherCAT and CANopen versions. Stepnet also includes multi-axis models that provide optimal cost per node. The microstepping design works to deliver smooth, low-resonance performance. In Servo Mode, with encoder feedback, stepper motors run quietly and can operate at higher speeds without stalling. A wide range of absolute encoder interfaces is built in, including BiSS, SSI, Absolute A, and EnDat, so that users can experience a truly versatile product.


With Bantam module, you can enjoy a cost-effective OEM solution for both brushless and brush motors. The Bantam module is a highly cost-effective OEM solution for torque control of both brushless and brush motors. The unit is PCB-mounted with solderless connectors and accepts a standard ±10V current command. Digital Hall feedback facilitates trapezoidal commutation of brushless motors, and Analog Control Model inputs set current limits and adjust balance for unbeatable performance at a highly competitive price point.


For the best in high-performance and precise control of brushless motors, Accelus offers an excellent choice. Accelus delivers high-performance control of brushless and brush motors in a cost-effective card that is perfect for a variety of applications. A panel-mounted version is available and torque and velocity modes are complemented by Step/Direction position mode. Feedback is through an incremental encoder and digital Halls. This cutting-edge design provides an ideal balance between cost and performance.


Making the connection between Copley Controls’ distributed control software and CANopen servo and stepper drives has never been easier. The Copley Controls CAN family of products offer cost-effective CAN interface solutions to host PCs. Complete with on-board microcontrollers, network diagnostics and bus loading analysis, the CAN family provides comprehensive networking tools suitable for all CAN applications.

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