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The MVRC concept for Traceability

Traceability is easier to understand when broken down into the four concepts of “Mark, Verify, Read and Communicate” (MVRC). Viewing the process through the MVRC lens makes it easier to understand the challenges of traceability and the ways to overcome them with advanced technology.

Traceability is vital for protecting your brand, and it can also provide valuable information for improving your processes. Production automation, lot tracking and component traceability are critical for today’s factories and assembly plants. Whether you’re seeking a solution for regulatory compliance (DSCSA), quality control, process improvements or something else, Omron can help you achieve Traceability across many industries like Automotive, Life Sciences, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Semiconductors, and more.

Traceability in manufacturing can seem complex. Identification technology needs to be integrated into complex systems to enable the collection, storage and analysis of massive amounts of valuable tracking data on a daily basis. Incredible quantities of work-in-progress (WIP) parts need to bear markings that will withstand the tests of time and harsh environments. Labeling mistakes can result in recalls which can have a catastrophic impact on a company’s reputation and its profits.

One of the best ways to combat labeling mistakes is to implement an industry-standard label verification system in conjunction with traceability.

With our partners at Omron, we help manufacturers implement workable traceability systems based upon the specific requirements of their industry. Omron is the leader in traceability and offers a full suite of barcode readers, ISO-compliant barcode verifiers, laser markers, and RFID. They are leading the way with barcode readers and vision inspection systems that are compact, more flexible and easier to use.

Featured Traceability Products

MicroHAWK V430 Fixed-Mount Ethernet Barcode Readers​

The MicroHAWK V430-F is the next generation of barcode readers with expanded functionality. It's the smallest IP65/67-rated on the market and features Liquid Lens Auto-focus and multiple lighting options.

LVS-9585 traceability Product_Image

LVS-9585 Handheld Barcode Verifier

Offers advanced lighting options and powerful software functionality. Enables users to automatically find the DPM symbol within the verifier field of view, and cycle through the lighting settings to find the lighting type that works best with the specific DPM marking and materials.

Omron MX-Z Fiber Laser

Fiber laser markers provide a flexible and reliable method for permanently marking parts across many industries. high quality, permanent identification with scaling capabilities to add functionality to the process like product traceability or position compensation.

Traceability solutions for your industry

Traceability F&B packaging

Food & Beverage Packaging

Avoid recalls and liability with traceability and print quality inspection.
In the food and beverage industry, labels must list ingredients that match the products contained in the packaging. Labeling errors result in recalls when undeclared allergens are found to endanger the health of consumers. If you’re not taking active steps to avoid these labeling errors, it’s time to start doing so. One of the best ways to combat this issue is to implement an industry-standard label verication system.Learn about the latest trends, challenges and strategies in food and beverage packaging traceability.

Traceability Pharma

Medical & Life Sciences

The FDA’s Unique Device Identification System final rule (UDI Rule) requires medical device manufacturers to include a unique device identifier on all device labels and packages. Neglecting to do so can result in FDA warning letters or recalls. To ensure accuracy on device labeling, barcode and label quality verification is essential. In-line inspection systems feature OCR, OCV and blemish detection that together provide 100% label inspection against a label reference image and expected label content. Learn strategies for ensuring regulatory compliance and transitioning to an automated lab.

semiconductor traceability

Semiconductor & Electronics

Utilize data and streamline your process to survive. In today’s intense competition, companies must utilize data and automation to streamline their processes and ensure a consistently high level of quality. Data-driven traceability systems composed of barcode readers, vision technology, marking equipment and verification solutions can help companies squeeze much-needed profits from a highly competitive industry. Discover trends, challenges and solutions and how a traceability system can increase profitability.

traceability automotive


As part of a holistic traceability solution, many automotive parts need to bear direct part marks (DPMs) to remain identifiable throughout the life of the vehicle. Wear and tear degrades the mark’s readability over time. A comprehensive grading system is necessary to evaluate the quality at time of marking. Automotive manufacturers can use the MicroHAWK F430 industrial Ethernet smart camera optional liquid lens autofocus to check DPM quality. Paired with an Omron ISO/IEC compliant barcode verifier the F430 helps you keep codes in line with ISO/IEC 29158 standards. Learn how to maximize the benefits of a real-time traceability system and minimize the number and impact of recalls.



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traceability in medical industry

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