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Connectivity, Communication, and Computing Solutions

Substation Automation | Renewable Energy | Energy Storage | Critical Power

The power industry has specific demands for communications equipment.  Conditions are often harsh and reliable real time communications are critical.  MSI Tec provides connectivity, communication, and computing solutions for the power and energy sectors. Whether it be IEC-61850 PCs, switches, and routers, secure redundancy, or video surveillance, MSI can help.

  • Certifications such as IEC-61850 and Zero Packet Loss are often required. Some typical protocols such as IEEE1588, GOOSE Messaging, and DNP3 are extremely fast protocols which require real time communications and zero downtime.
  • Extreme outdoor conditions.  Obviously most substations and fireld stations need to be able to withstand climate and severe weather conditions.  MSI Tec offers a full ine of equipment which has a standard operating temperature of -40 to 174° F.
  • Reliable network Security. In these days of hackers and cyber attacks, new security standards are being required in the power industry. MSI can provide the products and expertise to provide a secure and stable network.
  • Real time network monitoring and notifications.  NMS (Network Monitoring Software) has become a necessary part of overall infrastructure. Moxa’s MXView provides a reliable platform which will email alerts and alarms, identify network changes, allow for mass configuration, and much more.

Substation Automation

As Moxa partner, we can provide state-of-the-art solutions for substation automation and feeder automation applications for both public utilities and enterprises. Our experience and knowledge of the latest technologies, enable us to develop solutions digital transformation.

We Offer:

  • Industry’s first fully integrated IEC 61850 MMS (manufacturing messaging specification) solution consisting of Ethernet switches, device servers, and embedded computers
  • Proactive monitoring of network behavior and component status for preventive maintenance
  • End-to-end PRP/HSR solutions for substation communication and substation computing
  • IEC 61850, IEEE 1588, and PRP/HSR compliant solutions


Renewable Energy

We provide an integrated data-acquisition and device-monitoring solution to efficiently manage remote power assets distributed across multiple field locations. With our solution, you can easily deploy and manage your distributed field devices and integrate them with services and applications in the local SCADA or in the cloud.

We Offer:

  • Reliable operation in wide temperature outdoor environments.
  • Simplify maintenance using remote configuration of devices and software and remote troubleshooting functions.
  • Ready-to-run software solution for Modbus data acquisition, remote device management, and Modbus-to-MQTT protocol conversion.
Renewable energy wind

Energy Storage

For energy storage applications, SIs are faced with the challenge of integrating multiple devices with different protocols into an Energy Management System (EMS). Moxa’s highly interoperable solutions help SIs build efficient monitoring and control systems that integrate distributed energy storage systems (ESS), power conversion systems (PCS), and battery management systems (BMS) into a centralized EMS.

We Offer:

  • Multi-protocol solutions, such as a multi-protocol I/O or a protocol gateway, for IT-OT convergence
  • Easy data acquisition from distributed ESS sites using ThingsPro gateway and server tools
  • Gateway devices with a wide operating temperature range for harsh outdoor environments and a compact form factor that fits in any ESS machine
  • Simplify software development with programming libraries such as the Modbus protocol library in our embedded computers and MXIO library for I/O devices
Energy Storage

Critical Power

Critical power management solutions must ensure a reliable power supply to essential power loads where no power shortages can be tolerated. Moxa offers high-availability facilities management solutions to ensure uninterrupted power supply and services. Devices—such as automatic transfer switches (ATS), meters, circuit breakers, and UPS controllers—control and monitor the power systems to ensure uninterrupted power generation and distribution while optimizing the energy loads in the system.

We Offer:

  • Multi-protocol solutions, such as a multi-protocol I/O or a protocol gateway, for IT-OT convergence
  • Devices that can withstand harsh operating environments with industrial-grade features that include EMC, wide-temperature operability, and millisecond-level network recovery
Energy Storage

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Industries We Serve

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