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Food & Beverage

Improve productivity, efficiency & safety.

The food and beverage industry brings special challenges, due to its exceptionally high throughput rates, rapid product changeover, and hygiene requirements.  Efficiency is also critical, due to the sheer volume of product being produced.  Here are some other factors our customers consider when choosing automation components:

      • High Speed.  Whether it’s French fries or peas, it is not uncommon to be sorting 1000s of parts per minute.  Fast-switching pneumatic valves can solve these demands.
      • Traceability.  From barcodes to color registration marks, many food and bev applications rely on high speed vision systems to check quality and ensure lot traceability.
      • Reliability.  Many food and beverage applications rely on reliable, high performance VFDs to keep mixers and pumps running optimally.
      • Washdown rated.  Many food and bev processing and packaging applications require NEMA Type 4X/12 washdown rating.  This protects equipment from the harmful effects of the sanitizing chemicals commonly used in the industry.

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