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Packaging Industry

Improve productivity, efficiency & safety.

The packaging industry has a very wide range of applications, everything from lifting small bags with fragile content to palletizing heavy boxes.  Requirements include:

  • Speed.  Particularly when discussing Primary Packaging machines (capping, tray loading, form fill & seal, etc) the throughput numbers can be mind-boggling.  These applications generally call for high-end controllers, high-speed motion fieldbus, and washdown-rated mechanics.
  • Flexibility.  In Secondary Packaging (carton erector, shrink wrapper, etc) there could be multiple pack patterns or varied numbers of layers, depending on the product.  Robotics and vision systems can add flexibility vs fixed automation solutions.
  • Robustness.  Final Packaging (case packers, palletizers, etc) typically involve high loads and high cycle frequencies.  High quality linear actuators can be fitted together to make gantry handling systems that meet these needs.

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