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Control Panel Components

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omron power supply S8VK series

Power Supplies

Many small electronic components operate from low-voltage DC power, frequently 12, 24, or 48 volts. A Power Supply converts incoming AC power (such as 115VAC from a wall outlet) into DC for use by these devices. Power Supplies are rated by the output voltage and current, and are most often DIN-rail mounted inside a control panel.

panel meter for automated systems

Panel Meters

Panel Meters perform a variety of functions, frequently including temperature (or general PID process) control, timing, counting, or just indication to a user of some process variable or setpoint. Panel Meters are common to many types of automated systems and can be very cost-effective compared with a small PLC and Operator Interface for simple functions.

electromechanical relay


A Relay is an electrically operated switch – most commonly electro-mechanical, but options also exist for solid-state. A low-power signal operates the coil, which then engages the contacts and transmits power the end device. Many options exist for numbers of poles and throw configurations, as well as time-delay relays, latching relays, and other functions – even including programmable logic actions in the specific case of “Smart Relays”. When switching power directly to a motor, a Relay is known as a Contactor.

Push buttons for machines


Switches are available in push button, knob-type, key-type, buzzer and indicator lamps. They can be mounted in round or square holes, and lighted and non-lighted. They can be mounted in holes with a 16-mm and 30-mm diameters. Emergency stop switches used to stop equipment and facilities in emergencies. They can be used in safety circuits in combination with Safety Relay Units. 

omron terminal block

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks connect electrical components and ensure connecting multiple wires is quick and painless. Terminal blocks are rugged and have high current and voltage ratings for use in industrial applications. The Push-In Plus terminal blocks increase the value of control panels by reducing overall wiring time. Other types of terminal blocks  include ground, fused, I/O, disconnect and power distribution blocks.



An encoder is a sensing device converts motion to an electrical signal that provides feedback to a counter or PLC. Absolute encoders provide position information for a rotating shaft within either a single rotation (single-turn) or over the course of multiple rotations (multi-turn). Incremental shaft encoders are the most widely applied industrial encoders in the world and provide position information for a rotating shaft by producing a continuous series of pulses.


The Basics of How an Encoder Works

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Industrial Components for Panel Building

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Push-In Plus Terminal Block Relay

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