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Computing Technical Engineering Center

Your project deserves an engineering team that’s committed to your success.

If you’re like most OEMs and engineers, your focus is on product development, staying ahead of the competition, and speeding up time to market. Dealing with networks, cybersecurity and computing configuring and testing is a distraction and a drain on resources. Turn to MSI TEC for help designing, configuring, building, and testing your product. Utilize our engineering talent and state-of-the-art facilities as an extension of your project.

Think of CTEC as an extension of your IT department. While we handle your computing, networking and cellular needs, you’re free to focus on your core business and increasing the bottom line.

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Full Range of OEM Services

From rapid prototyping and hardware engineering to private labeling and life cycle management.

For nearly 20 years, our Computing Technical Engineer Center has been the provider of choice for custom computing projects. Thanks to our partnerships with leading manufactures of industrial networking and computing components, we are able to provide services and hardware that meet the highest quality standards in the industry. Our services include custom imaging and BIOS configurations, burn-in testing and certification, private labeling and packaging, lifecycle management and more.

Gold Imaging

With gold imaging, you configure one computing system and we’ll copy your exact configuration to future systems for seamless, effortless start up. No more having to manage individual image, license, or variation issues per system. When they arrive at your facility, they’re ready to use.

Burn-in Tests

All computers are stress tested for 24 hours using PassMark Burn-in Test verifying full functionality of the CPU, RAM, storage devices, communication devices and video devices. In addition, we can perform customer specific tests for any devices requiring conformity.

Life Cycle Longevity

We have partnered with leading manufacturers of industrial components that guarantee lifecycles of about 5-7 years eliminating unplanned redesigns and re-certification of your PC due to EOL and constant revisions of hardware.

Rugged Hardware

Industrial-grade hardware with guaranteed long lifecycles. Built by certified technicians in ESD environment.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service delivers fast computing and system prototypes so that you can quickly begin evaluating & testing.

Brand Labeling

We'll help your brand stand out with custom labels, face plates, serial-numbering schemes, documentation and inserts.

Additional Engineering Services

Because of our Computing and Electro-Mechanical Technical Engineer Centers, we’re able to offer a broader range of custom computing services. In addition to OEM services, we can design and build control panels and enclosures,  along with controllers, HMIs, private VPNs, and more.  This is a level of service that other companies cannot offer.




Managed cellular provisioning
Client VPN Configuration

PLCs & Drives

Pre-programming Configuration



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