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THK pioneered the first linear motion (LM) Guide system in 1972, which realized the mechanism of rolling contact to linear motion and are now an indispensable component of mechanical and electronic systems in the world. The linear motion system plays wide-ranging roles not only in NC machining tools and industrial robots, but also in the electronics industry including semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing facilities. THK has also developed many other unique mechanical components, including the LM Guide with Caged Ball Technology, Ball Spline, Ball Screws and Link Balls.

3 Ways the THK Technical Support Site Can Help You!

It has always been crucial to manage how you efficiently use your time as you work. THK’s Technical Support Site enables you to select linear motion guides, ball screws and actuators easily and quickly. Also, you can access important information through using our CAD data, catalogs and life calculator. Even without knowing the THK model number , you can access models numbers CAD data, diagrams and quote requests.

01  Optimal Product Selection Tool

No more struggling with catalogs! Input usage conditions to easily narrow down the selection of products and help you make the right choice.

02  CAD/Drawing Data Acquisition

CAD data which reflects the result of Optimal Product Selection is automatically generated from the link of result screen and you can download with your preferable format.From each product page, important information such as catalog data, CAD data and reference diagrams can be easily accessed.

03  Life Calculator

Expected service life of the selected model number can be
calculated right away on THK Technical Support Site.
This enables to calculate at closer conditions of your machines. Easily calculate a product’s expected service life by selecting a tool and entering its conditions.


Linear Motion (LM) Guides

THK was the first company in the world to develop the Linear Motion (LM) Guide, which is based on an original concept and innovative technology. THK also develops, produces, and supplies to the world a range of other vital machine components, including ball screws and electric actuators, as well as automotive and transportation components, such as L&S (Linkage and Suspension) products. Because of the smoother, more accurate movement they provide to every type of mechanism, all of THK’s technologies have gathered attention and are driving innovation around the world.

THK Linear motion Guides


Electric actuators are hybrid products combining a guide component, such as an LM Guide, with a ball screw, linear motor, or other drive component. In industries such as electronics, there is an increasing need to shorten development and manufacturing lead times. Modularization allows these electric actuators to meet such require-ments by simplifying the design and reducing assembly time. THK offers a varied lineup of electric actuators ranging from basic, cost-effective units to high-end components designed to operate with high precision or perform to clean room specifi cations. Such advanced electric actuators have become indispensable parts in equipment used in the manufacture or inspection of semiconductors and liquid crystal displays.
THK Actuators

Feed Screws & Ball Screws

Ball screws are machine components that function by causing a large number of balls to circulate between a screw shaft and a nut. This mechanism efficiently converts rotary motion into linear motion. With the Caged Ball Screw, THK has incorporated caged ball technology into its existing ball screw designs, thus helping to achieve longer life with reduced noise and provide an extended period of maintenance-free operation.As a result, these products are now essential elements in machine tools, industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and other industrial equipment. THK also offers ball screws that are designed to support high loads, making them ideally suited for replacing the hydraulic cylinders used in equipment such as injection molding machines, presses, and die casting machine

THK Ball Screw Group

Cross Roller Rings

Cross roller rings are roller bearings that feature internal cylindrical rollers arranged orthogonally so as to facilitate load bearing in every direction. The incorporation of the spacer cages between rollers prevents roller skew and friction between the rollers. Possessing high rigidity while maintaining a compact structure, cross roller rings are used in the rotating parts of many different types of industrial machinery, including the joint areas and rotating parts of industrial robots, as well as machining center swivel tables. Other applications include rotating parts of medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

THK Cross Roller Ring Group

Ball Splines

Developed in 1971, the same year that THK was established, ball splines were the precursor to the LM Guide. This revolutionary linear motion guide element allows balls to roll along a rounded groove machined into the ball spline’s shaft, boosting the load that the device can tolerate and permitting the transmission of torque. Compared with the products that came before, these ball splines boosted the permissible load by a factor of 13 and service life by a factor of 2,200. THK offers an extensive lineup featuring ball splines with integrated ball screws and other products that are used in a variety of equipment, including industrial robots, medical equipment, and chip mounters.
THK Ball Spline group

Linear Motion Guide

THK Quick Ship Program - LM Guide Interchangeable Series

Linear Actuators

THK Quick Ship Program - Linear Actuators product catalog
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RK Series Brochure

Long stroke actuator - rack & pinion drive brochure

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