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MSI TEC is a Cisco IoT Specialized Partner!

Integrating IIoT into a manufacturing operation calls for ruggedized, industrial-strength switches, routers, gateways, etc., that are built to withstand the demands of the harshest industrial conditions. Cisco offers a full line of IIoT products that are purpose-built for outdoor and industrial spaces, including user-friendly tools to connect, manage, and secure all your industrial assets with confidence. MSI TEC is a Cisco IoT Specialized Partner, offering customers full-set, comprehensive IIoT solutions. 

Cisco Industrial Networking

IT leaders are asked to expand their universe from the “indoor” connectivity of the network to the “outdoor” world of industrial IoT. For many in IT, this will be a new and unfamiliar territory. We’ve teamed up with Cisco to help you take your networks to outdoor and industrial spaces while providing you with security, scalability, and agility. Cisco Industrial Networking is a full line of products with all the capabilities of the Cisco network you know and trust, but purpose-built for outdoor and industrial spaces. Manage all your devices with the tools you already use, so you can shorten deployments and manage your entire network at scale.

The network you know, the scale to take it anywhere​​

Cisco Ethernet Swith IE3400

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Deploy secure, scalable, and flexible switching in your industrial network. Cisco Ethernet switches are secure and scalable. Deploy compact, rugged switches in the harshest conditions. Manage security with policy-based automation

Cisco IR 1101 Router

IoT Routers & Gateways

Reliable, secure routing and gateway solutions for industrial environments. Built to withstand harsh environments. Reduce asset downtime using secure, reliable connectivity and lower operational costs with easy to use remote management.

Cisco Backhaul Fluid Mesh FM4500

Industrial Wireless

Cisco has a complete line-up of wireless technology options with IoT wireless products designed to operate in the harshest environments. We can recommend the right products for your unique connectivity goals.

Cisco Catalyst ESS9300 embedded service switch

IoT Embedded Networking

Get secure, reliable connectivity in extreme environments. Easily integrate with a wide range of equipment and systems. Deploy configurable products that adapt to new capabilities, capacity, and applications.

cisco ic3000

IC3000 Industrial Compute Gateway

The Cisco IC3000 Industrial Compute gateway extends the data intelligence to the edge of the IoT network, and seamlessly bridges the intent-based networking and IoT data fabric in a complete end-to-end solutions for intelligent roadways and smart factories.

Meet the New Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Series Rugged  Switch

Cisco’s Catalyst Industrial Ethernet 9300 switches are built for harsh industrial and outdoor environments. The new IE9300 delivers high speed Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in a compact 1RU, rack-mount switch. They are ideal for applications requiring increased fiber connectivity, resiliency, and a high degree of security.

IT engineer networking

Reliable Connectivity

Reliable connectivity helps organizations scale IoT initiatives while increasing the availability of their existing infrastructure.


OT and IT Connection

With support for OT and IT standards and protocols, facilities can easily connect their existing and new IoT applications.


Secure Connectivity

Offers visibility and control to contain threats, simplify compliance, and consistently enforce policies.

Need to Connect to the Outdoors or Industrial Environments?

cisco sensors

Simplified Remote Monitoring

Cisco Industrial Asset Vision is an all-in-one solution that simplifies your asset and facility monitoring in outdoor or industrial indoor environments. With a choice of eleven new Cisco sensors pre-integrated with a Cisco LoRaWan gateway and a new cloud-based data operations and management dashboard – the solution is secure, scalable and deploys in minutes.

Ready To Go Technology

Today, most asset monitoring and tracking solutions are not integrated with the underlying network, which reduces operations managers’ ability to quickly and easily deploy, scale, and manage these solutions.Cisco Industrial Asset Vision is a simple, secure, all-in-one, cloud-managed solution for visualizing assets and facility conditions. This turnkey solution enables operations managers to enhance safety and efficiency and improve operational resiliency while protecting investments and lowering costs.

Common Use Cases:

Equipment Monitoring
  • Equipment temperatures
  • Equipment vibration
  • Track outdoor asset
Warehouse Monitoring
  • Water leak detection
  • Lighting conditions
  • Temperature & humidity
Remote Monitoring
  • Outdoor environments
  • Ingress/Egress/Occupancy
  • Asset location
Refrigeration Monitoring
  • Freezer and cold room
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Water lead detection

Need to Connect to the Outdoors or Industrial Environments?

IT leaders are asked to expand their universe from the “indoor” connectivity of the network to the “outdoor” world of industrial IoT. For many in IT, this will be a new and unfamiliar territory. Fortunately, Cisco  has a wide range of Industrial IoT products designed specifically for outdoor and industrial spaces – and have the Cisco networking technology you know and trust.

Network and Automation engineers at MSI TEC have the experience and know-how to help you take your networks to outdoor and industrial spaces. And we’ll make sure you have the highest cyber security and scalability.

MSI TEC’s Computing & Networking Solutions offers the widest range of industrial networking services.

IoT Management and Automation

Easy-to-use tools to deploy and manage IoT projects at scale

Simplify management

Choose from a variety of management tools that allow you to design, provision, and assure network performance from one place.

Deploy and operate at scale

Easily deploy and operate remotely at scale with centralized management of IoT infrastructure and applications.

factory worker monitoring network

Get visability into your network

Gain full visibility into the network and automation devices. Faster troubleshooting minimizes network downtime.

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