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Create Structures Faster and Easier

TSLOTS has the widest range of products for T-slotted aluminum extrusion applications. From extrusion to finished product, TSLOTS is the only manufacturer that controls the process from start to finish.

TSLOTS structures are strong, durable, and lightweight and allow you to create structures faster and easier than welded steel allows. All of TSLOTS aluminum extrusion and hardware products are compatible with all other major suppliers.

TSLOTS Extrusions

The TSLOTS extrusion line is designed for both small and large applications. There are three main extrusion series: Fractional, Metric, B-Series

Fractional Extrusions

TSLOTS offers a large selection of high-quality aluminum extrusions in fractional sizes. They have everything you need to complete your customized project including their 10-Series and 15-Series and brackets, fasteners, hardware, hinges and stanchions.

Metric Extrusions

TSLOTS Metric Series blends the look and functionality of fractional TSLOTS with the
convenience of metric dimensions that create compatibility with European framing systems. They offer a wide range of components and fasteners that fit the Metric Series.

B-Series extrusions

The B-Series product line integrates unique fastening methods – while also overlapping with the fastening methods and components in the TSLOTS fractional line. Slot widths range from 6mm to 10mm and are fully compatible with Bosch’s product line.

Linear Motion

TSLOTS linear bearings and wheels bring a repeated and smooth motion to any project. They are ideal for applications like part transfers, actuators, and pick-and-place operations. And they are designed to stand the test of time, even under heavy industrial wear. Customize your motion with machining that allows brake stops where needed. They are adjustable using a single tool without any disassembly.

Pre-configured Guarding System

TSLOTS offers a wide selection of ready-to-use aluminum framing units designed for your workspace needs.

  • Short Lead Times: Pre-fabricated panels reduce engineering and design time.
  • Modular: Modify or add to guarding by simply ordering additional parts and install on site.
  • Convenient, practical solution for manufacturing centers and work spaces.
  •  Crafted with top-of-the-line hardware, ensuring the highest quality available.
  • Suited for office shelving and furniture

Whether it’s workbenches, doors, cabinets, tables, or guards, TSLOTS has the perfect solution for you.

  • Easy Assembly: Panels arrive assembled and ready to connect to each other.
  • Convenient, practical solution for manufacturing centers and work spaces.
  • Wide range of industrial metal cabinets and tables
  •  Variety of slim and robust framing options
  • Crafted with high-strength aluminum alloys that provide unparalleled reliability without the added weight.

Door Guarding Panels

Pivot Guarding Panels

Standard Guarding Panels

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