Ewon Flexy 202 - 1 LAN + 1 Serial

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Gateway based on a serial port


The Ewon Flexy family is a range of industrial modular gateways that allows universal communication with varied field equipment regardless of the protocol used. It is possible to configure data acquisition & data logging, routing and more. The Ewon Flexy 202 is an Ewon gateway based on a serial port.

  • Easily acquire and log data – Gather data from PLCs, sensors and other devices thanks to the support of a wide range of industrial protocols, including OPC UA.
  • Create simple IIoT projects in minutes, not weeks – In a few clicks, enable alarm notifications or performance monitoring through cloud KPIs dashboards.
  • Do more in the future with built-in connectors and APIs – You might not have a data application today. But when the time comes, be confident in the fact that you can connect to a local or cloud data solution and make your machine smarter.
Weight 2 lbs
Download Datasheet (PDF)