READY-TO-RUN COSY Remote Access Enclosure

Model: 11-1374-001 Product Category: Tag

Remote Access Enclosure with Ewon Cosy 131 Remote Access Gateway for remote machine monitoring.


Introducing a new turnkey remote access solution from MSI TEC that simplifies the challenges of getting secure remote access to your equipment and IIOT data. The new READY2RUN Remote Access Enclosure arrives completely wired with:

  • Ewon COSY 131 – Industrial remote access gateway for remote machine monitoring, Wi-Fi connection to WAN.
  • External mounted antenna
  • 4 Port Built-in Ethernet switch
  • AC/DC power supply and line cord

The Ewon COSY 131 is an Industrial VPN Router for easy remote access. The Cosy and the Talk2M worldwide VPN infrastructure enable Machine Builders to troubleshoot their machines without going on-site, drastically reducing support costs, improving customer responsiveness, and increasing machine up-time.

The new READY2RUN Remote Access Enclosures are ready to go straight from the box, saving you hours of time and expense. Simply plug in to Ethernet and you are good to go!

Weight 5 lbs