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Lexium, Closed Loop, Pulse/Direction, NEMA 34 – 85mm, 3Stack


Lexium, Closed Loop, Pulse/Direction, 85mm, 3 Stack
Robust Lexium MDrive Pulse /Direction products integrate 1.8 2-phase stepper motors with onboard control electronics and hMT closed loopperformance. Products have 4 modes of operation: pulse/direction input, variable speed control,constant velocity drive, and variable torque control.

With an RS-422/485 serial interface, settings can be downloaded and stored in nonvolatile memory. Commissioning, parameterization and monitoring is done via the user-friendly software provided.

The Lexium MDrive Pulse/direction input is an integrated motor and driver with numerous enhanced features for a complete motion control solution.

  • Robust integrated microstepping drive and NEMA34 1.8 2-phase stepper motor
  • Advanced current control for exceptional performance and smoothness
  • RS-422/485 serial interface with 4 operating modes: pulse/direction, speed, torque and velocity control
  • 12 to 70 VDC single supply
  • 20 microstep resolutions up to 51,200 steps per rev including: Degrees, Metric, Arc Minutes
  • Graphical user interface provided for quick and easy parameter setupO
  • 4 year warranty

Closed loop hMTechnology blends stepper and servo motor benefits. Within the same compact integrated package, Lexium MDrive products with closed loop hMTechnology deliver enhanced motor performance including:

  • Lower energy consumption and cooler operating temperatures
  • Higher torque from smaller motors for economic efficiency
  • Real time closed-loop control, eliminating loss of synchronization
  • Lower cost option to servo motors in performance range
Weight 11 lbs