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Lexium, Closed Loop, Ethernet, NEMA17- 42mm, 2 Stack

Robust Liberty MDrive series, which includes LMDCE422 model, integrates 1.8? 2-phase stepper motors with onboard drive electronics and controller with up to 8 I/O. Available feedback options are open loop, closed loop with a 1000 line counts/rev) incremental, or multi-turn absolute encoder. Both encoder options off hMT closed loop performance. The LMDCE422 (previously Lexium) offers a high degree of integration, which reduces machine complexity, size, and cost stepper and servo motor applications. Liberty MDrive (previously known as Lexium) delivers advanced current control and is ideal for machine builders needing an optimized motor with on-board electronics.

  • Open loop, or closed loop with either an incremental or multi-turn absolute encoder
  • Built-in protection circuitry
  • IP65 rating with M12 connectors
  • Input power range from +12 up to +70 VDC
  • Auxiliary logic power supply input
  • 20 microstep resolutions to 51,200 steps/rev
  • Programmable motor run and hold currents
  • Extended product warranty
Download Datasheet (PDF)