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Lexium, Closed Loop, Ethernet, NEMA 23 – 57m, 2Stack Stepper Motor


Lexium, Closed Loop, Ethernet, NEMA 23 – 57m, 2Stack Stepper Motor

Product overview
Robust Lexium MDrive integrates 2-phase stepper motors with control electronics including an Ethernet controller that supports user-selectable protocols: Profinet, EtherNet/IP, and ModbusTCP. An optional encoder delivers hMT closed loop performance.

hMT closed loop performance is available in products with either a multi-turn absolute encoder or incremental magnetic encoder. Closed loop performance maintains functional motor control to prevent loss of synchronization, offers variable current control, torque control, and use of the motor’s full torque range without derating.

Multi-turn absolute encoders may benefit users by detecting and storing position information, even when powered down. This can eliminate homing routines and reduce setup time at system startup.
Lexium MDrive products are ODVA-compliant adapter class devices capable of explicit or implicit messaging. Compact motion control solutions that interface with many manufacturer’s systems.

  • NEMA23 1.8 2-phase stepper motor integrated with robust control electronics,
  • including programmable motion controller
  • Advanced current control for exceptional performance and smoothness
  • Input power: 12 to 60 VDC single supply
  • Communication protocols: EtherNet/IP,Profinet, ModbusTCP, MCode/TCP
  • Encoder options: Multi-turn absolute or incremental magnetic
  • Motion: 20 microstep resolutions up to 51,200 steps per rev including: Degrees, Metric, Arc Minutes; 336 user program labels / 11,120 bytes flash memory
  • 0 to 2.56 MHz step clock rate selectable in 0.59 Hz increments
  • I/O, sourcing or sinking: 5 to 24 VDC signal inputs; 12-bit analog input (1); 100mA power outputs, 5.5mA high-speed signal output
  • Protection: 0…84°C temperature warning, user selectable; IP20, IP65 ratings
Weight 4.5 lbs