Weidmuller’s Solutions for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries have some of the most stringent requirements for safety, environmental protection, and traceability. Weidmuller designs solutions that address the specific demands of both plant operators and users. MSI TEC is proud to be an authorized Weidmuller distributor serving the chemical and pharma industry.   Automation In today’s chemical and pharmaceutical […]

Benefits of the Industrial IoT

The Industrial IoT is bringing new growth opportunities to businesses who are investing in the proper networking infrastructure. While the Industrial IoT movement is in its early stages, there are advantages to investing in connectivity and security measures now, no matter the industry or application. Typically businesses that migrate over to the Industrial IoT experience: […]

4 Steps to Better Protect OT Networks From Cyber Attacks

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As OT (Operational Technology) networks converge with IT networks, network security is a serious concern. OT systems that used to be air-gapped must still protect network communications without interrupting operations. To protect your industrial networks and critical assets, you need a secure network infrastructure with powerful secure routers to build solid network segmentation.  The following […]

Increase Productions and Profitability With Cobots

TM Robot stacking boxes on pallet

The pressure facing manufacturers today make running a profitable production line more challenging than ever. The demand to increase the speed and frequency of new product introduction is ever present. With labor shortages hindering production and customer demand for product availability, it’s difficult to remain competitive. Automation is the key to increasing profitability and productivity, […]

Start Production Faster With Robotiq Grippers

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Robotiq grippers and End Of Arm Tools free human hands from repetitive, dirty, and dangerous tasks and help factories start production faster. If it’s becoming harder for you to fill manufacturing jobs or you find it difficult to attract or retain staff, robotics may be the answer. Working with our partners at Robotiq, we can […]

Oriental Motors Online Catalog for Factory Automation Network

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Oriental Motors has a new interactive online catalog for Factory Automation Networks that highlights the products they manufacture for industrial communication protocols, such as EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT. You can view new catalog here and see what Oriental Motor offers for smarter, connected factories. You can also see the products on Oriental Motor’s Industrial Network Products […]

3 Tips To Building Reliable Wireless Communications for AGVs and AS/RS Systems

The automated material handling equipment market is expected to grow tremendously in the near future*. While this trend is anticipated, it recently accelerated in the spring of 2020 as a result of two significant driving forces. Namely, the expansion of e-commerce businesses and the social distancing measures imposed on shop floors. In recent years, e-commerce […]