Benefits of the Industrial IoT

The Industrial IoT is bringing new growth opportunities to businesses who are investing in the proper networking infrastructure. While the Industrial IoT movement is in its early stages, there are advantages to investing in connectivity and security measures now, no matter the industry or application.

Typically businesses that migrate over to the Industrial IoT experience:

Deeper Performance Insights

With connected automation equipment, operation managers are able to tap into the performance of those devices and extract meaningful data for analytics. In the past, this information was perceived to be too difficult or not worth the trouble to calculate. With today’s technology, pulling the data is not as difficult and can provide valuable real-time performance.

Reduced Costs from Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is achieved by analyzing your equipment’s condition statistics. The goal is to anticipate equipment failure by constantly monitoring your machines during normal operation and alerting system operators when there are indications that the equipment requires replacement or attention. With Predictive Maintenance, system operators can take measurements on different dimensions of equipment performance and conditions, collect the data, analyze it, and use the information to better manage the overall application.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Through accessing the data within sensors and automation equipment, system operators are able to use predictive maintenance techniques along with remote management to improve operational efficiency. An immediate efficiency improvement of an IIoT-enabled application is the reduction in maintenance overhead. With real-time performance metrics delivered to operations managers, system maintenance can now be strategically scheduled rather than on regular intervals..

The Industrial IoT Applied

Not all product or equipment needs to be intelligent or connected right away. However, amid the progress being made in the Industrial IoT, investments in industrial connectivity is already bearing fruit for many customers in Oil and Gas, Power, Factory Automation and Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) today. Learn about a few real life IIoT applications and how each of these businesses reaped the benefits.


What if you have an extensive network of remote wellheads and you want to monitor the status of production without sending service engineers to each location? Investing in a few critical pieces of industrial networking equipment could allow you to support a reliable communication channel between each remote site and a central control center. For more details on this real-world use scenario, download the full case study.
Utilizing intelligent gateways to support data logging, you can go beyond simply connecting your remote network to a redundant Ethernet or wireless network. Continuously storing and analyzing production data such as pressure, flow-rate and temperature can recognize anomalous activity in real-time; greatly reducing the chance of system failure and capital equipment degradation.
By being cognizant of how industrial connectivity alone can support Industrial IoT functionality now, you can prevent or avoid costly operational problems.
If you are interested in learning more about the Industrial Internet of Things, let us know and we can have one of our representatives reach out to you with more information.

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