Weidmuller’s Solutions for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries have some of the most stringent requirements for safety, environmental protection, and traceability. Weidmuller designs solutions that address the specific demands of both plant operators and users. MSI TEC is proud to be an authorized Weidmuller distributor serving the chemical and pharma industry.



In today’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries, state-of-the-art automation systems are the key to greater business success. U-Mation from Weidmüller is the solution-oriented approach to plant automation. Weidmüller’s portfolio includes a complete range of products from controllers and hot-swappable I/O systems to HMIs and SCADA systems.



Explosion protectionExplosion protection

Klippon® Protect enclosures have been specially developed for the challenging environmental conditions of the chemical industry. They are certified according to the latest international standards for operation in gas and/or dust-laden environments. Weidmuller manufactures junction boxes for power and signal distribution or data networks according to your individual requirements. And they develop certified local control center systems which combine a variety of control and automation functions in a single enclosure.


Corrosion protectionCorrosion protection

The robust Klippon® enclosures offer great durability and corrosion resistance. The range of enclosures extends from glass fiber reinforced polyester to high quality electro-polished stainless steel. Weidmuller also provide a comprehensive range of electronic components with corrosion-resistant G3 coating to increase the lifetime of your equipment and systems.



Functional safetyFunctional safety

Many of Weidmuller’s products have been specifically optimized for use in safety systems to ensure functional safety. Their safety relays combine reliability and convenience with superior application characteristics. These include high switching capacities, comprehensive line and load monitoring, and much more. We also offer a complete range of analogue signal conditioners suitable for use in SIL-classified signal circuits. Learn more about their SAFESERIES.



Asset managementAsset management

The demand for smaller maintenance teams and shorter down times makes asset management a challenge. This is particularly important when a plant site has multiple assets from different manufacturers that are at varying stages of their lifecycle. Weidmüller’s AML software enables a proactive approach to optimizing maintenance and quality to ensure efficient use of resources. When a control system needs to be upgraded, Weidmüller’s migration solutions enable a fast and reliable migration to the latest generation of PLC and control systems. This shortens down times and relieves employees.



As a partner in Industrial Connectivity, Weidmüller has developed many innovative connectivity solutions. This tradition continues with their Managed Ethernet portfolio. It enables end-to-end connectivity from the sensor to the cloud and ranges from unmanaged and managed switches to wireless LAN and bridge units and GSM-enabled communication solutions.



Learn more about Weidmuller products here or visit Weidmuller.com.

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