Everything you need to know about stepper motors

Stepper motors are popular for their ability to position easily and accurately.  The travel amount and the speed can be easily controlled by a digital pulse signal.  Unlike servo motors, stepper motors do not require encoders or complicated PID loops to operate.

Easy to Use: 34%
Inexpensive: 17%
Simple Operation: 16%
No Tuning: 12%
Other: 21%

Therefore, stepper motors can be suitable for position control applications where size or cost is a concern, such as a 3D printers, medical imaging equipment, or robots.  Here are some application videos to help you visualize what stepper motors can do.
Pick & Place
Camera Positioning  

Maximize performance & value with high torque stepper motors

High torque stepper motors can provide equivalent torque to the next larger frame size and provide flexibility to improve performance or design of machines.

  • Downsize footprint
  • Increase throughput
  • Option to reduce current for
    • Lower heat
    • Longer life
    • Longer duty cycle
    • Lower power consumption

By gaining a better understanding of the relationship between current, torque, heat, life, duty cycle, and power consumption, you can maximize the performance of stepper motors further.
Learn the benefits of high torque stepper motor design in this white paper.

Provided by our partners at Oriental Motor

Want to learn more?  Contact MSI TEC  if you have any questions or need more information.

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