Add High Torque CD Motors to Your SmartMotor™ System

If you need high torque motor capabilities in your SmartMotor™ system, Moog Animatics has the solution. Their DS2020 Drive with Combitronic™ Technology provides high torque and performance by integrating it with select Moog Compact Dynamic (CD Series) Brushless Servo Motors. Moog’s CD Series motors are electronically commuted synchronous AC motors with permanent field excitation, designed for highly dynamic servo applications where positioning times are typically 30ms or less. The compact, lightweight construction simplifies machine design and makes it easy to integrate into applications like precision material handling, metal forming, packaging, robotics and assembly.

The CD Series  motors are specifically engineered for incredibly fast and precise servo applications, where positioning times of 30 millisecond (msec) or less are required. With one of the widest power ranges in the industry, Moog Animatics’ CD motors offer unrivaled performance and versatility. The modular design allows for a wide array of customization that meets your requirements.


  • Achieve high torque and speed
  • Limiting costs and reduce redesign time in existing systems
  • One of the industry’s widest power ranges
  • Protection from contaminants
  • Years of reliable, low maintenance operation
  • Customizable options

MSI TEC is an authorized Moog Animatics distributor.  Our application experts are ready to help you engineer the right solution for your application.

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