New Class 6 D-style SmartMotor™ from Moog Animatics

Class D smartmotor banner

Moog Animatics’ CLASS 6 D-STYLE SMARTMOTOR™ offers high power in a small package. It’s a fully integrated controller with a small footprint and great power  density.

The Class 6 D-Style SmartMotor™ has an extended power range (up to 1 kW) in the same compact package of previous series. It provides improved torque density and increased performance without affecting the overall design of the machine. These enhanced capabilities are combined with industrial Ethernet connectivity and a multi-turn absolute encoder enabling extreme design flexibility for any application.


  • More power and torque in the same compact size
  • Wide operating temperature range -20° to 100° C
  • Enhanced controls with ability to handle complex applications
  • Industry leading power density ratio
  • High tuning bandwidth
  • Inline brake options for all models
  • NEMA 17, 23 and 34 frame sizes


  • Automated Guided Vehiles (AGVs)
  • Factory automation
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Pan and tilt applications
  • Semiconductor wafer handling
  • Test and measurement

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