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Rugged fixed DIN rail switch. Scalable for industrial networks. 10 ports, All Gigabit Ethernet platform, layer 2, 8 ports of PoE/PoE+


The Cisco Catalyst IE3200 Rugged Series delivers high-speed Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in a compact form factor and is designed for a wide range of industrial applications where hardened (rugged) products are required. The Catalyst IE-3200 is scalable for industrial networks, accelerates digital transformation, and upgrades your IoT infrastructure to Gigabit speeds. The IE3200 packs 10 ports of Gigabit Ethernet for a wide variety of industrial and extended enterprise connectivity needs.The platform is built to withstand harsh environments in manufacturing, energy, transportation, mining, smart cities, and oil and gas. It’s also ideal for extended enterprise deployments in outdoor spaces, warehouses, and distribution centers.

    • for rugged use cases

The Catalyst IE3200 ruggedized ethernet switch is optimized for size, weight, and power. Compact form factor makes it easy to integrate into space- and power-constrained cabinet installations. With its rugged, die-cast chassis, the IE3200 is well suited for the harshest environments.

  • High-density PoE+/ and reduces complexity with one cable for connectivity and power.
  • Industrial switching PoE/PoE+ to power up to eight devices, making them an ideal choice to power Wi-Fi access points, IP cameras, and sensors.
  • The Cisco Catalyst IE3200 Rugged Series can be managed with powerful management tools such as Cisco DNA Center and Industrial Network Director, and can be easily set up with a completely redesigned, user-friendly, modern GUI tool called WebUI.
  • The IE3200 series supports power budget of up to 240W for PoE/PoE+, shared across 8 ports, and is ideal for connecting PoE-powered end devices such as IP cameras, phones, wireless access points, sensors, and more.
  • Run on Cisco IOS XE, a next-generation operating system with built-in security and trust, featuring secure boot, image signing, and a Cisco Trust anchor module. Cisco IOS XE also provides API-driven configuration with open APIs and data models.
Weight 6.7 lbs
Dimensions 234 × 224 × 192 in
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