THK’s Space Saving RSX type Linear Motion Guide

The RSX type Linear Motion Guide helps save space due to its compact outer dimensions and our NEW RSX-M1 can withstand temperatures as high as 150°C!


  • Mini full complement LM guide
  • Stainless steel block and rail
  • Retaining wire keeps the balls inside the block

THK has expanded their line-up of Miniature LM Guide Model RSX by adding the smallest model number RSX5 and the length variations of the RSX7 to RSX15 blocks. The new product lineup of the RSX type includes 32 products.

RSX Features:
Compact outer dimensions:
The RSX type helps save space due to its compact outer dimensions. In addition, surface treatment, metal circulation parts, block special length, effective stroke type, etc. can be customized.

Prevents balls from falling out

The RSX has a built-in ball-retaining wire.

High temperature specification using their unique technology (RSX9, 12, 15 only)

The RSX9, 12 and 15 are made of stainless steel that has been subjected to proprietary technology and heat treatment, and can be used at a maximum operating temperature of 150°C. In addition, the high-temperature grease contained in the RSX9, 12, and 15 reduces fluctuations in rolling resistance due to the grease even when the temperature changes from room temperature to high temperature.

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