What is a Servo Drive and How Does It Work?

Copley servo drive XEC-XPC

What is a servo drive? A servo drive is used to deliver power to a servo motor with feedback designed to accurately control position, speed, and torque in robotic and machine automation systems. Motion control master software may command a servo drive to move to a desired position with a desired profile velocity. It may […]

Servo Motor & Stepper Motor Video Demo

VIDEO Oriental Motor’s servo motors and stepper motors offer stable operation in high inertia drive and belt mechanism drive applications without gain adjustment using the servo motors. Also, adjusting the gain manually enables operation under even more stringent load conditions. Contact us to learn more.

Introduction to Motion Control Technology

Many different components are used in a variety of combinations to create a complete motion control or positioning system. IDC offers the broadest range of products spanning the complete spectrum from mechanical actuators to microstepping and brushless servo drives to programmable motion controllers. A successful application depends on choosing the right combination of actuator, motor, […]

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