Best Fitting Ethernet Switches for Control Cabinets

To minimize downtime, machine builders and automation engineers need a simplified way to monitor control systems and network status from their SCADA/HMI. The challenges they face related to deploying managed switches is operational complexity, setup and management. Moxa’s super-slim, industrial smart switches, which includes the SDS-3008 and SDS-3016 Series, are up to the challenge. With […]

Top 5 Features Customers Like About EDS-G4000 Ethernet Switch


Since its launch last month, we’ve been taking the new Moxa EDS-G4000 Ethernet switch out to our customers. They’re impressed with the built-in security, IEC certification, and much more. Here’s the top 5 features that they like most. 1.) Security. The EDS-G4000 is built around a new operating system with built-in hardened security. It’s the […]

10 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Ethernet Switch

An industrial Ethernet network can have more than 1,000 nodes, hundreds of cables and infinite combinations of switches, bridges, routers, network interface cards and servers. When starting a new project, it is not always easy to know which Ethernet switch is the best choice. There are some requirements to consider before narrowing your search for […]

The Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Switches

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Unmanaged switches are used in very small, basic networks with less than a dozen connected devices and don’t require a high level of security and performance. Managed switches are fully configurable and offer security settings to protect the network. Because they provide flexibility and control, they are ideal for networks that require reliability and security, […]

Tips for Choosing an Unmanaged Switch

When Ethernet comes to the factory floor, selecting the right switch is an important part of ensuring the efficiency of your new network. This can be achieved through the use of unmanaged switches. Unmanaged switches enable Ethernet devices on the factory floor to communicate with one another automatically using auto-negotiation to determine parameters. These switches […]

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