Custom Computing Solutions

Accelerate time to market and ensure troubleshoot free deployment

Custom Computing

Whether you are looking for a Single Board Computer, Box PC, Panel PC or an entirely custom solution, MSI TEC has the knowledge and experience necessary to take your idea from initial concept design to prototype to full production release. Our expertise includes system configuration and assembly, software and application development, OS development & customization. We’re experts in custom embedded OS development and offer a wide range of operating systems to meet your specifications.

Full Range of OEM Services

From rapid prototyping and hardware engineering to private labeling and life cycle management.


MSI TEC rapid prototyping service allows you to get your computer system quickly so that you can test it and ensure it satisfies your application requirements. Our team of engineers will review any areas of concerns and then make the necessary hardware and configuration changes.

Burn-In Testing

All computers are stress tested for 24 hours using PassMark Burn-in Test verifying full functionality of the CPU, RAM, storage devices, communication devices and video devices. In addition, we can perform customer specific tests for any devices requiring conformity.

Gold Image Builds

With gold imaging, you configure one computing system and we’ll copy your exact configuration to future systems for seamless, effortless start up. No more having to manage individual image, license, or variation issues per system.

Labeling & Packaging

Make your brand stand out by personalizing computer hardware and packaging with our custom branding and labeling services.

Life Cycle Management

We have partnered with leading manufacturers of industrial components that guarantee lifecycles of about 5-7 years eliminating unplanned redesigns and re-certification of your PC due to EOL and constant revisions of hardware.

Imaging & Bios Services

We will help you create and configure a custom image perfectly suited for your application resulting in effortless startup of repeat systems. You will no longer have to manage individual images, license, or variation issues per system.

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