OnRobot 2 Finger Grippers

RG2 | RG6 | RG2-FT | 2FG7

RG2 2-Finger Gripper w/2kg Payload

OnRobot’s RG2 is a 2-finger gripper for collaborative robots with a 2kg payload. It features a built-in Quick Changer for easy and fast tool changing and customized fingertips for flexible gripping. The RG2 can be used for a wide range of shapes and part sizes. It’s out-of-the box, plug-and-produce design reduces deployment time from one day to one hour.

RG2 2-finger gripper is ideal for material handling and can sort products by material, shape and size. Can handle fragile products using customizable finger positions.

RG6 2-Finger Robot Gripper w/6kg Payload

OnRobot’s RG6 is a 2-finger gripper for collaborative robots with a 6kg payload. It can be used leading robot brands and in a range of applications such as machine tending and material handling. It comes  with pre-integrated software that is easy to install and program – even for employees with no technical background.  It’s out-of-the box, plug-and-produce design reduces deployment time from one day to one hour.

The RG6 gripper can be combined with OnRobot’s Dual Quick Changer module which enables the use of two grippers simultaneously, such as the RG2 gripper with the RG6 gripper.

RG2-FT Smart Robot Gripper with Built-in Force/Torque And Proximity Sensor

OnRobot’s RG2-FT gripper has built-in force/torque and gives the robot the ability to feel like a human hand. Accurate and easy-to-program sensing allows robot to perform like an operator’s 3rd arm and reduces defect rates for delicate pick and place processes by 60%. RG2-FT offers increased productivity and fast  deployment, saving hours on integration.

This is a state-of-the-art gripper with an enhanced sensing ability and added intelligence. It’s capable of controlling the robot and itself to achieve what the operator would like it to do, even when the exact parameters cannot be programmed in advance.

2FG7 Parallel Gripper For Tight Spaces And Demanding Payloads

OnRobot’s 2FG7 is a low-cost collaborative parallel gripper that’s easy-to-program and can be deployed within minutes. It is designed for tight spaces and demanding payloads, and requires no custom engineering for installation, programming, or maintenance. The 2FG7 provides fast ROI and easily adapts to a multitude of tasks. With IP67 rating for harsh environments and ISO Class 5 certification, it’s ideal for deployment in electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

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