Model: IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-HV-T Product Category:


24 2G-port modular managed Ethernet switches

The IKS-6726A Series is designed to meet the rigorous demands of mission-critical applications for industry and business, such as traffic control systems and maritime applications. The IKS-6726A’s Gigabit and fast Ethernet backbone, redundant ring, and 24/48 VDC or 110/220 VAC dual isolated redundant power supplies increase the reliability of your communications and save on cabling and wiring costs.

The modular design of the IKS-6726A also makes network planning easy, and allows greater flexibility by letting you install up to 2 Gigabit ports and 24 fast Ethernet ports.


IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-HV-T, IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-HV-HV-T, IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-24-T, IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-48-T, IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-24-24-T, IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-48-48-T