Oriental Motor’s New AZ Series Mini Drivers

Now Available with RS-485 Communication and EtherCAT Drive Profile Compatibility

Oriental Motor has expanded their AZ Series mini driver line-up. The new mini drivers include a slimmer design and are available with RS-485 communication and EtherCAT drive profile compatible type.

The AZ Series mini drivers are the perfect companion for robot-related applications, and they are also suitable in a wide range of markets and industries, including embedded applications. Since the mini driver can be battery powered, the battery may also be used as its main power source, making it an ideal candidate for mobile applications.

In addition, the mini driver minimizes space usage and if installed directly onto the equipment, reduces wiring and cables.

The key features of the new AZ Series mini Driver:

  • AZ Series mini Driver with EtherCAT drive profile compatibility
    • EtherCAT drive profile compatible
    • Compact design allows for installation in small spaces.
    • Light Weight Design Reduces Load on Equipment
    • Compatible with battery power
    • Up to 10 m (32.8 ft) connection cable extension
    • No DIN rail required. Can be installed directly to equipment with 2 screws.
  • AZ Series mini Driver with RS-485 Communication
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Compatible with battery power, modular automation products
    • Energy savings through optimized current control
    • Direct control over an RS-485 network is possible via Modbus(RTU)
    • No DIN rail required. Can be installed directly to equipment with 2 screws.

Compact Design

Works with AZ Series Family of Products

The AZ Series mini Driver works with a variety of AlphaStep AZ Series, DC input products. This driver can be controlled using RS-485 communication and daisy chained to maximize design, space and improve installation time. The mini Driver is also designed to be close to the motor, making it ideal for Robotic type applications.

The elimination of switches and I/O connectors allows for a compact and lightweight design. Utilizes the MEXE02 Support Software, available for free download.

Learn more about Oriental Motor here.

MSI TEC is an authorized Oriental Motor partner. Contact us for help with your motion control or automation project.

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