Omron POC Centers Are Open To Manufacturers For Application Testing


Do you have an industrial automation application that you’d like to test before making any major manufacturing investments? Or do you want to learn more about Omron’s automation, robotics, safety, and vision technology and see, first-hand, how their products can make machines, production lines, and enterprises more productive, safer and profitable?
Omron’s new proof-of-concept centers (POCC) was created for just that reason. The POC centers are designed as a connected lab environment that offers real-world, hands-on application development, testing, and technical training. It’s the ideal environment for customers, engineers, and Omron partners to come together and collaborate, brainstorm, and test automation, robotics, safety, and vision solutions in a realistic setting.

Customers from a wide variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing to logistics,are invited to build, test and analyze small scale applications before making major manufacturing investments.

The center has an on-site engineering team and the latest industrial automation, like robots, 3D printers, machine vision, advanced sensing, and safety. The PoCC offers hands-on, realistic experiences where a customer can walk through a simulated manufacturing process to better understand the technology and solutions. Correcting product designs or production flaws can save time and money, as well as prevent future recalls, defects, recalls, and start-up delays.

  • Customized proof-of-concept testing
  • Hands-on technology demos for customers and partners
  • Technical training
  • Project oversight and execution
  • Feasibility studies for advanced sensing technologies
Get hands-on access to technologies like these:
  • Vision solutions – Demos include direct-to-monitor GigE Vision and USB3 vision industrial cameras; smart cameras for code reading and defect analysis; and an FH vision system with AI for fine matching.
  • 3D bin picking – Omron’s FH 3D vision technology is demonstrated in this bin picking solution to show how Omron can automate accurate picking and placing.
  • Sensor demo – This interactive demo showcases our latest in sensing and measurement sensor offerings and our IO-Link capabilities incorporating our NX-ILM, GX-ILM and NXR solutions.
  • Pick and place machines – High-speed pick-and-place machine showing recipe management and PackML, PacManager, Quattro, SCARA robot, T-bot with integrated vision and safety.
  • Collaborative robot pallatizing demo – This demo shows Omron solutions working together with collaborative robotics, vision, and safety to achieve traceability in environments such as logistics.
  • Mobile fleet – Mobile center is the premier location for mobile robots. See all the models that Omron offers and them working together to get the job done
  • Safety solutions – Demo of safety network solutions, including CIP safety and FSOE as well as the 1SA servo with motion safety, and safety components including safety switch technology, light curtain and area scanner.
  • Motion demo – This 5-axis NC machine showcases a NY industrial panel PC running Omron’s CNC Operator interface and features 1S servo motion and NX safety.

Interested in visiting an Omron POCC? Contact us to explore what’s possible.

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