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Omron F440 Smart Camera for Automation and Manufacturing

Omron’s F440 smart camera provides power and flexibility in a small form factor for embedded vision applications. It excels in applications looking to embed a smart camera inside of a machine and features a small form factor ideal for OEMs and companies who want a compact, top-of-the-line smart camera without sacrificing power or quality. Designed with the AutoVISION software platform, the F440 includes a state-of-the-art Sony Pregius 5 MP global shutter sensor with 35 frames per second.
The F440 Smart Camera is designed for industrial use in manufacturing and automation, specifically in the semiconductor, life sciences, digital, logistics, food and commodity industries. It is a self-contained vision system that can handle the most demanding of applications like cap inspection, fill level inspection, box count, label barcode & OCR, and measurement applications.



  • Sony Pregius 5 MP Global Shutter sensor with 35 frames per second
  • Industry-standard C-Mount lens mount
  • Extremely small 40 x 61mm form factor
  • AutoVISION Machine Vision software

Ideal Applications

  • Cap inspection
  • Fill level inspection
  • Label and barcode reading
  • OCR & OCV
  • Measurement
  • Count
  • Location
  • Presence/absence detection
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