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Moxa’s New x86 IPC Portfolio Feature Simple 4-Step Selection Process

We’re excited to introduce Moxa’s new portfolio of x86 industrial computers (IPCs) designed to meet the growing demand in the industrial sector for data connectivity and real-time processing at the industrial edge. As more industries embrace the digital transformation train, the need for reliable IPCs is soaring. That’s where Moxa’s new BXP, DRP, and RKP series come in with 75 bare-bones models, that are available in multiple form factors, Intel processor options, and adaptable interface combinations to answer the need for reliable and rugged IPCs in retrofit and upgrade projects. The new generation of BXP/DRP/RKP Series is designed for rapid system development to support scalable, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective computing solutions.

Features & Benefits:

Streamlined Purchasing Process:

Moxa’s innovative 4-step selection process solves the issues customers experienced when purchasing IPCs. Now you can simply specify your requirements in three steps and then, Step 4, choose the computing solution that fits your application. The BXP, DRP, and RKP Series have 75 bare-bones models, helping customers select the right ready-to-use solution.

  • 4 simple steps to identify the right model
  • IPC portfolio meets most industrial-automation requirements.
  • Configure-to-order service (CTOS) for OS, memory, and storage.
High Reliability:

The IPCs are built tough to handle even the harshest environments, so you can rely on them for 24/7 operation. They must pass rigorous tests to meet safety standards, including continuous exposure to extreme temperatures, power surges, and shock, so they can withstand extreme weather conditions and work non-stop without overheating or freezing up.

  • Rugged, fanless design to withstand harsh environments
  • 3-year hardware warranty
  • 10-year product longevity commitment
  • Renowned post-sales service
Customization Friendly:

As industrial applications evolve, their requirements are changing, calling for customized solutions. Moxa offers tailor-made solutions that meet your needs, even orders with significantly lower number of units.

  • Favorable customization criteria and service.
  • Modular design enables flexible customization.
  • Shorter prototyping and customization process.


As the largest Moxa distributor in North America, we have the knowledge and experience to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process. If you’re interested in seeing a demo of the new selector program, get in touch. We’re happy to show it off.

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