Free OMNIMATE T Connector and Board to Board Connector from Weidmuller

Weidmuller’s OMNIMATE® Power BVDF bus connectors have two connections per pole and a time-saving 6 mm² PUSH IN connection. This innovative feature allows easy connection of multiple devices during installation. The connector is available in different versions: laterally closed, with flange, or screw/locking flange. Each of them are available in two to eight pole versions.

Your benefits

  • Safe transmission of bus currents due to integrated cross-connection
  • Time-saving connection of solid conductors and conductors with wire end ferrules due to PUSH IN connection

One pole width less compared to conventional solutions due to self-locking center flange


OMNIMATE® Board-to-Board solutions

The use of future-proof contact systems, as well as the optimization of manufacturing processes, are increasingly important in the development of efficient industrial devices, especially in the field of Industry 4.0. OMNIMATE® board-to-board connectors feature a 1.27 mm pitch and offer maximum flexibility due to different designs.

Your special advantages

  • Industrial suitable density combined with high flexible connection combinations (mezzanine, mother-to-daughter, board-to-board)
  • Reliable contact: Up to 500 mating cycles due to industry suitable gold-surface (PdNi-Au)

Process-Ready: High performance LCP material for reflow soldering


MSI TEC is now a Weidmuller distributor. Contact us for product and sales information

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