DENSO is continuously evolving to maintain the high productivity levels and low costs required for production and manufacturing. DENSO applies its advanced technical expertise to create products with improved speed and accuracy, to ensure high productivity; compact size, to provide high flexibility and space savings; and energy-saving features, to minimize operating costs. Strict quality control ensures reliability and high performance. Denso offers:

  • SCARA Robots
  • 5 & 6 Axis Robots
  • Compact Gantries

4-Axis SCARA Robots

The HS-Series compact, four-axis SCARA robots offer the highest speed and repeatability in their class. Although these small industrial robots have a compact, space-saving design, they have a large load-handling capability, with a maximum payload of 5 kg. In addition, their large, 0.1 kgm⊃2; maximum allowable moment of inertia enables a wide range of end effectors and applications. All HS-Series robots are available in dust- and mistproof (IP65) or ISO 4 (class 10) cleanroom configurations.


5- & 6-Axis Articulated Robots

Compact & powerful! A slim and compact body for a broad range applications.
Overhead-mountable and compact design. Minimizes interference with surrounding equipment.
6-axis articulated robots combine high speed and repeatability with powerful load-handling capability.
The world’s highest speed and precision for their class. Compact body yet with large operating range.

XR-Series Compact Gantry

The XR-Series four-axis, compact gantry robots feature a ceiling mounted, flexible SCARA robot combined with a long-stroke Cartesian robot. As a result of their highly efficient, integrated design, the XR-Series robots use up to 40% less valuable factory floor space than a conventional SCARA robot. In addition, they can operate in many applications without the need of a conveyor, saving up to 20% in capital-equipment costs. ANSI and CE compliance allows global deployment.
Compact structure – Ceiling-mount configuration for maximum working area
High speed – 17% faster than our conventional Cartesian robots with combined move of coordinated slide and swivel motions.

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