An interesting fact you may not know about Denso is that they are the world’s largest user of small assembly robots, from four-axis SCARA robots to five- and six-axis articulated units. More than 20,000 Denso small industrial robots are employed in the company’s own manufacturing facilities, and more than 80,000 additional Denso small industrial robots are used by other companies worldwide.

Denso is a leader and a pioneer in manufacturing automation and is known as an innovative leader for their industrial robot arms. Here’s a quick look at their line of industrial robots.

4-Axis SCARA Robots

  • LPH robot series: High-performance, low-priced, compact and light weight SCARA Robot. The LPH is a perfect option for first-time buyers looking to reduce start-up costs for projects that require a shorter, three- to five-year duty lifecycle. Max Payload: 3kg Reach: 400mm
  • HS-A1 robot series: Despite their compact size and space-saving design, they have a large load-handling capability, with a maximum payload of 5 kg and offer the highest speed and repeatability in their class. Max Payload: 5kg Reach: 350-550mm
  • HSR robot series: Uses advanced vibration control, a newly designed, highly rigid lightweight arm and improved heat dissipation in the base unit to achieve new levels of continuous high-speed performance and repeatability. Max Payload: 8kg Reach: 480-650mm
  • HM robot series: Four-axis SCARA robot that offers outstanding speed and repeatability – and can handle 20 kg payloads. Their maximum allowable moment of inertia of 0.45 kgm2, which is 6 times larger than that of conventional robots. Max Payload: 20kg Reach: 600-1000mm

Learn more about Denso 4-axis SCARA Robots

5-Axis and 6-Axis Articulated Robots

  • VL robot series: New! Largest unit in Denso’s 6-axis family of robots. Has the longest arm reach and highest payload of all Denso robots and is ideal for palletizing, packaging, and material handling operations. Max Payload: 40kg Reach: 2503mm
  • VM robot series: 6-axis articulated robots offering high speed and repeatability and a large 13 kg maximum payload capacity. Maximum allowable moment of inertia is 2.5 times greater than conventional robots, allowing more flexibility in end-effector designs and a wider range of applications. Max Payload: 13kg Reach: 1000/1300mm
  • VMB robot series: New! High-performance 6-axis robot offers longer arm reach and higher load capacity than traditional models, making it ideal for palletizing, packaging, and material handling. New features include greater air piping, valve and signal line options, and new programming options with state-of-the-art functions using our new WINCAPS Plus software. Max Payload: 25kg Reach: 1506/1804mm
  • VP robot series: Offers the highest speed and repeatability in their class. Small footprint of only 160 x 160 mm saves valuable facility space. Despite their small size, they have a large payload capacity. Max Payload: 2.5/3.0kg Reach: 430/432mm
  • VSA robot series: Ultra-compact 6-axis articulated robots offering the highest speed and repeatability in their class. their highly efficient motors use a maximum of only 80 W of power each, and all motors combined use a maximum of only 300 W, resulting in significant energy savings.
  • VSG robot series: Combines high speed and repeatability with powerful load-handling capability. Footprint is only 200 x 200 mm. Maximum allowable moment of inertia (0.295 kgm2; at J4 and J5, and 0.045 kgm2 at J6) is 2.5 times greater than conventional robots. Max Payload: 7kg Reach: 650/850mm

Learn more about Denso’s 5-axis and 6-axis articulated robots

Integrated Ceiling mounted SCARA robots

XR Series: 4-axis, compact gantry robot feature a ceiling mounted, flexible SCARA robot combined with a long-stroke Cartesian robot. Their highly efficient, integrated design uses up to 40% less factory floor space than a conventional SCARA robot. In addition, they can operate in many applications without the need of a conveyor, saving up to 20% in capital-equipment costs. Max Payload: 5kg Reach: 200-300mm

Learn more about XR gantry robots

Industrial Collaborative Robot

COBOTTA: The all-new COBOTTA is a human-friendly, compact, and collaborative 6-axis robot you can take anywhere and automate tasks right away. No expert knowledge is required, making operation quick and simple. Max Payload: 0.5kg Reach: 342.5mm

Read more about Denso robots here.

MSI TEC is an authorized Denso Robotics distributor as well as a engineering solutions provider providing custom designs, programming, and more.

Interested in learning more about robotics? Contact an MSI TEC robotics engineer and explore what’s possible.

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